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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Procedure Over - Post 1pm EST

The procedure went better today than yesterday's.  Mom's blood pressure was not so low and as far as we know they were able to give her what they needed to for her comfort, etc.   Dr. S found that the "bleeder" was the same one from yesterday.  It was said that it is an artery.  He did what he could and clamped it twice.  Of course, the first clamp came off so we wondered why two would be any better.  We are hoping and praying that it will stay "clamped" and eventually heal, but of course - we take it all with a grain of salt.  Up one minute, down the next.     Dr. S said if this doesn't work, then he'll have to go in and remove part of the bowel, tie off part, or something of that nature.  He thought that it could be done through the scope, but any surgery like that has a higher degree of risk.  Given the added complication of her heart issues, we would really prefer that surgery be averted!

At this point, Mom is again resting.  Everything was done in her ICU room, so she has not moved at all.  Her Pastor was on his way the last I heard and Aunt Phyllis was going to try to get up there, too.

BTW- I don't remember if I mentioned anything about the Heparin, but it was on the news again this morning about Heparin being recalled due to contamination.  One of the people reported who died was in Toledo, Ohio, which was too close for comfort in my book.  I made sure that Sharon knew this morning and the nurses told her that they were aware and all it today.

I have an appointment this afternoon, but I will try to update as soon as I get another call from Ohio.

Thanks again for praying.    

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