Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss

Royal Ranger Award Ceremony

On Sunday night, the boys at our church were honored for their accomplishments in Royal Rangers.  This year we have kids in three different groups; Ranger Kids, Discover Rangers, and Adventure Rangers.  We're proud of you Levi, Moses, and Titus!

A special congratulations to Titus who earned his Bronze Medal  of Achievement.   He is one step closer to the Gold Medal of Achievement!  

We are proud of ALL the boys who worked so very hard this past year in Royal Rangers!  It was great to see the list of your accomplishments and see first hand how important the Ranger program is to each of you; from the youngest to the oldest.  

Also a special thanks to the Commanders (especially Bill) who minister to our children each week and help them in their studies.   You are appreciated for all you do!

Here is Titus receiving his awards from Commander Bill.  Photo courtesy of Michelle P.

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