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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Something Every Pregnant Woman Needs

This morning I was helping the little boys clean their room and it dawned on me that I should share a tip with my pregnant friends out there.    This is something every pregnant woman could benefit from- especially those moms who are constantly picking up after other children .  I've had it for better than a year, but have only come to fully appreciate it as of recent months.  You may laugh, but when you get large enough that you can't see your feet or bend over very easily, this item comes in very handy.   You can pick up things from off the floor without having to bend, or reach overhead to retrieve items without having to climb.  Simply pull the lever in the handle and the pinchers close!  I call it "the grabber".  I can't remember exactly where I got it, but I'm sure they are not hard to find.    I have seen many variations of this item.  We bought one once for our Grandma that had a crocodile head on it instead of pinchers.  You would grab at stuff with the croc's mouth.   I like the pinchers on mine because I can pick up pencils, paper, even Q-Tips!  It's also sturdy enough to pick up my 11 1/2 yr. old's shoes and various large toys.  I can't imagine life without my grabber right now. 
Of course, the kids like to use it, too, since they have seen me using it.  One word of caution... they have used the grabber on me.  The little boys pinch at my behind!  LOL

They should be selling these in every baby store for pregnant moms! 

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