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Something Special from my Nephew

From time to time my family and my sister's family gets in a goofy mood and start sending silly things to each other.  Since they don't live close anymore, we can't pick on each other in person very often!  Oh, we still do when we are together, but having the internet makes our bantering so much easier and we are all thankful for it.  Believe me, I've done my fair share of sending crazy things!

Last year, we started the Monk-E-Mails, then a few weeks ago, they sent us some Age-O-Matic's.  Those were strangely disturbing on so many levels!  I can still see my youngest nephew's.  "Hi!  I'm ----.  I'm really old..."   My sister even put hers on her blog... it's creepy.
We've often sent photos doctored up or stuff like that.   My kids even enlarged a picture of their family dog, Toby, and we recorded things that only Toby would say (if he could talk) and sent those to them.  So, you see, this is a long standing tradition between our two families and I think as time goes on and our kids get bigger, our bantering is getting worse and worse.  I guess it's more heads to think of ridiculous things!
Yesterday, my sister sent me a picture of her foot... which I will NOT be sharing nor the reason why, but oh, so me that is.  She's a nut.

So, I'm sitting here checking my mail yesterday, innocently minding my own business when an e-mail arrives with a special gift from my oldest nephew.  Aw!   "T" was thinking about us!  How sweet! I think I had a tear in my eye!

"T" made a parody on a song from the Veggie Tales episode of "Rack, Shack, and Benny"....about my family.   It's really funny.  If you know the song, you'll  be able to sing along with the words.  BTW- if you're wondering what the elusive nephew looks like... I'm including his picture below- hey, why not get them ALL in there!  The nephew is the one in the back (middle)... but don't they all look ornery?????  And, as an added bonus, by reading his parody, you'll get a hint at what we are going to name the baby... isn't this going to be FUN?

BTW- this ought to teach you, "T",  to be careful what you send your Aunt Jenni!  LOL LOL LOL


George- Celeste

Laura- Zeke

Mr. Lunt- Titus

Peas - Levi is the injured Pea & Moses

Rack- Pete

Shack- Shad

Benny- Jenni



Celeste- Here comes Zekey now, he's a stinker

Zeke- Good morning Sis, how are you?  I hope you're feeling fine.  Hope you're not fuming gas that you're going to pass, ‘cause I haven't got the time.  See ya later. 

Zeke- Because we work real hard in the Big Weiss Family.  We start at 8 and we don't get lunch till 3.  I've got to stay away, if that's OK, so my family will not get too mad at me.

Titus- Well now you are in trouble.  You make this house a wreck.  It's almost 2 past 8, I'll tel Daddy that you're late and he'll throw you on the deck.

Zeke- Yes big Bubby

Titus- Oh yes we work real hard in the Big Weiss Family

Levi- Excuse me Titus, but I've got a boo- boo

Titus- Now get back on the line, you'll be just fine.  Just hop out of the way just like a big ol' kangaroo.

Jenni- We used to be so happy

Pete- We used to laugh and run

Shad- Now we have to wait, ‘cause we have this on the date, and it isn't very fun.

Pete- I'm Pete

Shad- I'm Shad

Jenni- I'm Jenni

All- We work here

Pete- and at the station

All- We like to take a break, for goodness sake, but Moses says

Moses- why am I the last one mentioned??

All- we all need a vacation, our schedule is severe.  We're getting very tired

Jenni- But chocolate makes them wired

All- so we'll have to stay right here

All- Because we work real hard at the Big Weiss Family.  We start at 8 and we don't get lunch til 3.

Pete- I work the whole night through, to make a hundred or two, so I can send it home to my family.

All- Some day Shad'll come and join us.  We'll live in harmony (or more stress) We know that day is near, until then you'll find us here at the Big Weiss Fam-il-y!

Did you guess baby's name???

Now go have some fun with your own family!

BTW- Sharon recommended a one click comment bar today on her blog.  Check it out.  I thought I'd try it out today.  All you do is roll your cursor over the comment and click on the one that you want to select.  No signing in or anything.  Cool, huh?

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