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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Speaking Up on a Few Things...

I caught an interview with the octuplets mom on MSNBC the other night.  I watched with some glimmer of hope that she would say something that made half an ounce of sense... but I have to admit that outside of stating that "all life is precious" and that "babies are a blessing from God" I didn't hear anything worth discussing.   The interview provided some shocking details, however, that drove home the point that IVF really needs regulated more; not only by stellar moral consciences, but also with laws that are going to protect the unborn and their potential mothers.  There must be a limit on babies being "used" and how many IVF procedures will be allowed in an individual patient. 

So, what fact did the mother disclose that made me so disturbed?  That during each IVF procedure, 6 "embryos" were implanted.    Let's take a count and see what this yielded.   The first 4 procedures resulted in singleton births (one baby) which means that for the first four children she bore, TWENTY babies died.  The fifth pregnancy resulted in twins.  Let's assume that two of the babies implanted - so three babies would have died as a result of that procedure.  Now the count is up to TWENTY THREE DEAD BABIES.  Obviously this mother knew the odds of survival because she stated that she expected the result of the sixth IVF to yield similar results. She knowingly chose to have all the remaining 5-6 babies implanted - guessing that at least some of them would die.    Does that seem consistent with her statement that "all life is precious"?

Is this noble and praiseworthy to be willing to selfishly allow 23 babies to die so that you can have 14 or in this case what she thought would be 7 living and 28 deceased?  She has more deceased children than live ones by her own actions.  This is unimaginable.  She knew the risk and moved forward anyhow.  How does she try to desensitize us to the horror?  By nobly stating that she wanted all of the babies to have a chance at life!    That is inconsistent with her statement of assumption that this pregnancy would yield similar results - she KNEW those babies could die.  What mother would knowingly put her children in harm's way with a full understanding that what they do could lead to their deaths? 

Friends, I harp on this situation and others like it because the sanctity of life in America and throughout the world is being threatened.  We have been worn down to believe that babies are something to be "owned" or are "dispensable".  We don't call them "babies" in the womb; our consciences are seared and our beliefs worn down.  We've been programed to recognize babies as "zygotes" or "embryos" or "fetuses".  They are at the mercy of their parents who view their personal rights as above the rights of their children.  What happened to "all men are created equal"?    If we don't see through the deception of the enemy and recognize the truth,  what we see as "truth" will change and we'll quickly believe in lies.

Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 24 concerning the last days?  The disciples asked Him what would be the sign of the end of the age.   The first thing He told them was, "Be careful that you are not deceived."     We must all pray that we don't fall into deception.  The Word warns us that the enemy would deceive even the very elect - if it were possible!


On another topic, my friend sent me this link to a one hour movie that I believe everyone in America should watch.  It is being pulled from many television stations due to it's controversial content with some viewers.   If you go to this link, simply watch the video on the main screen.  It runs about 55 minutes, but I hope you take the time to watch it.

One other note for today:  Please remember to pray for the pro-life pastor from California who is being sentenced today for picketing outside an abortion clinic.   To read more on this story, go to:


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