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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Still Praying for Friends



My thoughts are still with my friends today, as we have heard no news on the condition of their newborn girl, born prematurely this week via C-Section.  Debbie- my thoughts and prayers are with you.  God is watching over you and your entire family at this time.  There is no distance in the spirit, and we are there through prayer.  We do not know God's will, but may it be done here on earth as it is in heaven.  We are praying for health,  strength, wisdom, peace, and unwavering faith in God. 

I am  reminded that God had his hand upon me when I was born prematurely.  Mom said I was so small that she had to put doll clothes on me at first.  I know we serve a BIG GOD and nothing is impossible for Him.  Also, my own daughter, Celeste, was delivered prematurely in 1996 (see above photo).  I had a wonderful doctor in Nashville who prayed for me and knew it was time to take her.  We were having complications with Toxemia and she just had to come.    Both of us survived premature births and are living testimonies of God's mercy.  

I am keenly aware that sometimes God's will is to bring ultimate healing by bringing His children home to be with Him.  I have endured two miscarriages and the pain (emotionally and spiritually) during that time was indescribable- yet the peace of God was always with me.  He lifted me up out of dispair and held me steady.  I filled my mind with the Word and even slept with my Bible under my pillow so that I could read it anytime I needed to.  I also listened to a lot of music - "You Raise Me Up" was one of the most soothing songs I listened to- probably because the passages the Lord gave me at the time were all about Him raising me up.   He sees how low we fall and He loves us, raises us up, and restores our spirits.  The value of His presense is priceless during these times.    My husband lost a brother (Tim was 16) to a tragic death in 1985.  My mother-in-law would tell you that God keeps you steady.  God is truly a shelter in the time of storm... an anchor... a rock that you can cling to.

Let me encourage those who are reading this who are not going through their own time of despair at the moment...  get close to God now while there isn't anything going wrong in your life.  It's a lot easier to bear trauma when you already have a close relationship with the Lord.  I see a lot of people who serve God out of convenience.  Yeah, they'll pray, but only when something has gone wrong (out of desperation).  As soon as the storm blows over, they're back to keeping God at a distance.  I hope I am not describing any of my readers, but if I am...  please, make God a priority and not a last resort.  You'll be so glad you did. 

We will continue to pray....

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