Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss

Still Recovering

The snow hit us over the weekend and I would say here at our house, we received about 4 inches.  The roads were not too bad, but because there was still ice on the ground (before the snow), some churches  in the area canceled Sunday services.  

Today most of the family is lying around sick... STILL.  You know, when communicable disease has a span of 7-10 days, these things can feel like they last a month or more in a big family as we pass things back and forth.   That's a long time.   I actually think we are fighting 2 different things consecutively.

Celeste has slept most of the morning; not running fever today, but feeling weak and achy.  Even her head is hurting.  Titus looks pale and weak.  I think at this point, they're over the worst, but are struggling to gain strength.  I'm forcing as many liquids and solids as I can at this point.  Soups are good, but little else seems to interest them.

So, I worked in the school room for about 3 hours.  Moses was in there working.  Titus and Celeste are working from their beds as they feel able to.  I am not pushing them, either.  If they can't do anything, that's fine with me.  Even hubby is still feeling somewhat bad, but his back (which he pulled last week) feels quite a bit better as of this morning.  

Me, I haven't been incapacitated yet, but there have been moments...even today... where I wished I could be in bed.  I'm hanging in there to tend to everyone else.    So, we keep praying and trusting that God will bring us out of this soon.    I feel like the plane in a holding pattern... and I'm ready for this thing to land so we can get on with life!

"For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds."  Jeremiah 30:17

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