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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Still Recovering - 7:50 Am CST

Sharon sent more pictures of Mom to me last night along with an email.  Yesterday was the first day since this happened that I wasn't on the phone with her several time a day.  They are all exhausted and trying to recoup now that Mom is stable enough for them to not be there round the clock.

Mom sounds like she's feeling a bit better.  She gets weak and winded, so I try not to talk to her that long.  I know she needs her rest.   She also has that nagging cough that she's had for over a month now.  I can't understand why it is still there!  Hopefully the doctors can do something about it before sending her home.

Mom is already starting to worry about the cost of being in the hospital for over a week now...going on two.  I assured her that the main issue was that she is getting taken care of and not to even think about the bill.  God has a way and He will provide, no matter if the final numbers are a little or a lot.   Health care costs are so unbelievable!  I have known friends (that I've prayed for through terminal illness).  It's like a slap in the face; you're sick and can't help it, you need professional care, your loved one possibly dies, and then you're presented a huge medical bill.   Talk about adding insult to injury.  I know the hospitals can write off a bunch of stuff and Mom and Dad do have coverage.  We are praying at this point that Mom and Dad won't be bothered by the money side of being sick and that God will orchestrate the events where they won't even have cause to fear about it!   Is He Jehovah Jireh????

"Then God will give to each one whatever praise is due."  1 Corinthians 4:5b

Another special thanks to all who helped! It's important to me, since you were all so faithful to join with us in this trail, that we express proper gratitude.  My heart is full!   Aunt Becky (AKA Florence Nightingale) stepped in and ministered to Sharon and Dad.  God sent her  and we are so extremely thankful.  Aunt Phyllis - thanks for being "central operator". Ivah (for being there for me and Mom's best friend at church) Lisa, John, Aunt Margie, Aunt Joyce (I know you're praying), Jean and Dick for praying, Uncle Russ for caring so much,   Jan for being so sensitive to the Spirit in knowing when to pray and how to pray.  Our blogging friend, Aaron has been more than faithful to leave encouraging comments.  You've been more than a blessing!  Storm, Sheri, Joan,  Pastor Chuck, our home churches,  my brother-in-law and all the kids for allowing Sharon to go and be with Mom and Dad - even though they are without a wife and mommy right now, friends Bill and Michelle, Sheila and for posting prayer requests on her blog, Pastor Dennis, Pastor James, Pastor Charles, Pastor P., Pastor S, Helen for manning our prayer chain calls, Sister G - prayer chain and praying with me on the phone, Vickie and Cheryl - for intercession,  Diane for her gift of "mercy/compassion", all of you who sent notes to Mom,  all the churches who prayed for Mom (especially Michigan, Springfield,MO, Indiana, FLORIDA - yes - My sister's good Pastor's wife friend down that way)  Our friends and family in  California, Canada, Mexico, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Washington, ALABAMA (Tom & Vickie... Rhonda), North Carolina (Laura), Missouri, Ohio, New York, anyone else..... 
I know I am missing some - and probably important ones - but please know to all we thank you so very much!!!   God is good!  You are greatly appreciated and loved.

***BTW- I forgot a few and edited this at 11:15CST! 

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