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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Tears for a Life

I read an article this morning that brought me to tears- and it's unfolding now as you read this!  This is the plight of a woman in China who wants to keep her baby, but is being forced to abort at 6 months along.  Isn't it ironic?  Here in the US people fight to be able to abort babies (which in my opinion is morally, ethically, and socially wrong) but no one has ever been imprisoned for having an abortion.  Over in China, if you don't have one - you can be forced to abort and imprisoned as well.     Please help me pray for this mother, family, and unborn baby today.  It's appalling and frightening!

I also read a 2005 article citing that a perish was under scrutiny for burying babies of abortion.  Read here:

If you notice when the little sparrows fall, You certainly are aware of these precious little ones who aren't even able to draw their first breath.  They are precious in Your sight.  Your Word says, "Woe to those who would offend these little ones"!   We pray for divine guidance, wisdom and a holy fear of You and Your Word that would draw us to the conclusion that life is sacred and should be cherished and protected.  Expanded our ministries and outreaches to a generation that is yet unborn.  We ask that You supernaturally move in this situation in China today.  Amen.

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