Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss

Thanks, Veterans!


This past weekend, we were honored in this country to remember those who sacrifice their lives for our freedoms.  Many churches around the KC metro area held special services and recognized Veterans and all who have given of themselves through times of peace and war. THANKS to all of our military forces and those who serve in them.  I have had family of my own in the service... Dad served in the Army.  Most of my uncles did as well.  Uncle Russ has spent most of his life in a wheelchair due to war wounds.    Cousins and friends are still serving...

As a mother of five, I often consider the possibility that it may fall upon my children at some point to serve.  What a thought.  It does not bring fear, but we do wonder what tomorrow may hold for our families and our country.  I know I am raising my children to value citizenship and their nationality, along with godly morals and convictions.

So, today, we pray for those who are far away.  They know the holidays are approaching and they are not with our families.  We remember them and thank God for them.  We also pray for those who have returned home and now find themselves in culture shock.  We pray that they will be able to readjust quickly and never lose sight of their importance.  We also look to the future and pray for all of those who may be called upon to serve.  May God be their fore-guard and their rear guard.

Thank you service men and women!  Thank you!                         

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