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Jennifer Jo Weiss

The Forty-One Year Old Stroller, the Jungle, and Other Bits and Pieces

"Travel back to yester-year... to a time not back too far in the distant past..."    WELCOME HOME!

Yes, being home seems like I'm in a time warp.  I was telling my Aunt Becky how quiet it is to be in the "country".    It's odd once you live in a huge city like Kansas City - to come back to the serene solitude of a small town.  The farms are plentiful, the flowers are gorgeous, and the people are just about as nice as you can imagine.

When we arrived a few days ago, we realized that we didn't pack our umbrella stroller.  Uh, Oh.  No problem, however.  My Aunts got to talking and soon Uncle Loyal had a stoller pulled out for us... that happened to be cousin Lyn's.  She only used it 41 years ago.  I am not exaggerating when I saw this thing is retro.  Even though it's "older" - it's in great shape!  Aunt B even pointed out that there are little blue stars on it for a "BOY".  I LOVE IT!  It's a conversation piece.  We've been on two walks with the stoller now.  We get looks and stares- they probably wonder where we found such a cool stroller.  It works great and Shadrach really enjoys it.  I don't have the capability of posting pictures this week, but I will have to show a picture of it when I get home.  It's priceless. 

More highlights from this week include going to Aunt Phyllis' where the kids played baseball in the field near her house and gallavanted around the "jungle" (as Zeke called it).  It's actually the woods behind her house where we used to go exploring as kids.  There are some vines that look like something Tarzan would swing from in the woods.  Perhaps that's what makes him think it's a jungle???   Every cousin loved those woods.  My kids are no different.   Shad crawled around the back yard and enjoyed eating an ice cream treat.  Unlce John played Connect Four with Zeke and the rest of the kids hit the basement to play "Pool".  That's another thing everyone MUST do when we're here.

Yesterday we took a walk to Aunt Loretta's and saw Sherry and her kids, too.  They are related by blood, but always seemed like true family to me.  There are so many family connections that they are really related to most of my other cousins anyway.  What's neat about the street that they live on is that at one time Aunt Phyllis, Aunt Becky, and "Aunt" Loretta all lived on the same street.  I remember rollerskating up and down those sidewalks as a kid.  Fun memories! 

We've made several trips to the local grocery store and ordered Moses a birthday cake for today.  Pete and went out to get him some gifts for our party tonight.  It'll be fun.  We don't get to spend very many birthdays with my parents.  It's nice to do something special while we're here.

While we were at the store, there were several Amish families shopping.  Of course, Zeke had to notice them with his mouth, as he blurted out, "Mommy look!  She's a farm girl. "  Then he saw the man and realized they were Amish.  He then said (louder than any other noise that could have possibly drowned him out in the store), "They live in an Amish paradise!"

I wanted to also thank my sister for taking care of an email situation for me last night.  Dad's computer does some things, but it can't do everything.  I had to call her at 9pm to take care of some business and she was ready and willing to help.  Thanks a lot Sis.  Wish you were here too, but I don't know where we'd all fit!!!!  BTW- I am leaving the Aero Bed here.

Today we have several things planned and we are busy getting ready to go out the woods where Mom and Dad like to walk.  We're waiting on the quiche to get out of the oven and for everyone to get their showers, etc.  I guess they are also waiting for me... so I'd better get off of here.

It's good to see you today and I hope to have more highlights- especially since we are now just getting around to see family and friends. 

I'll leave you with a neat verse passage from our evening Bible Studies.  It seemed to reflect some good tips on how to build a family:

"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures."  Proverbs 24:3-4

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