Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss

The "Go To"

I caught a few minutes of a television show the other night where a Hollywood star was being interviewed.  He was in the middle of discussing the long battle he and his wife had with infertility and how the long journey toward parenthood changed him and his wife.  After realizing there was a problem, they sought help.  They consulted many doctors to see what their options were in trying to conceive.  Some were leaning toward invasive medical procedures and others a more holistic approach.   He said of his wife that she didn't like all the medicines, needles, and other methods that traditional medicine offers.   He said, "They weren't her go to."    Eventually they ended up consulting a psychic that led them to a specific doctor.  They went to him for treatment and just like a snap of the fingers - they were expecting.  

 Of course, some things he said didn't ring well in my spirit (such as consulting the psychic), but I kept muddling the words "GO TO" over and over in my mind.   I guess it hit home that we all have a "go to".  Our go to is what we naturally rely on and have a tendency to fall back on - especially when a need or problem arises.   It just depends on who or what that go to is!

You see, people are creatures of habit.  And if we find something that seems to work, we tend to put more faith and trust in that thing that it will work again.   For example, if I have a headache, I go to the cupboard and take some acetaminophen.  Usually within 20 minutes or so, I feel better.  It's my headache go to.   That's a simple example, but it stretches over the scope of life's decisions.   If something seems to work for us, then we don't easily want to change it.  Our reaction becomes: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  How often do we rely on things other than what we should!  Thinking about the Hollywood star, I thought they may have had the end results that they wanted, but their "GO TO" was a deceptive substitute for the REAL DEAL!

I hope as Christians we can all say:  "God is my go to" and really live out what we believe!  Too often, however, I see Christians who make God their last resort instead of bringing Him initially into the situation!  If  we have a problem, He should be our first line of defense.  If we have a decision to make, He should be there from the beginning as we pray for wisdom and direction.   We must trust Him with our lives completely; confident that He knows and wants the best for us at all times.   That doesn't mean we're always going to like it when He says, "NO" or "NOT NOW - WAIT".  But either you plan to walk in His will or you don't.   If He is not our go to, then the question is - what or who is your go to?

I have a friend that I pray with regularly.  Often when she is praying for someone who has a need, the Holy Spirit prompts her to speak the phrase, "Go to God".     I believe when we go through things sometimes, we need reminded that it's as simple as going to Him and expecting Him to take care of it.  Focus on God, not the problem - turn your eyes toward Jesus and watch what He can do!   God wants us to know that there is nothing in our lives that is too big or too small for Him to handle.   I don't know if you've come here today bearing a burden or uplifting a need - but His grace and power are sufficient.   Let me encourage you.... go to God today.   Allow Him to be your go to!


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