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Jennifer Jo Weiss

The Oldest and Youngest Among Us

Look who's turning.....


                                                      ...It's Great Grandma Shipps!

Last Monday, we traveled to Ottawa, Kansas for Grandma's 97th birthday! The whole family went down along with Grandma and Grandpa Weiss.  Grandma Weiss (Patty) made Grandma Shipps her favorite lemon cake and we had dinner at Pizza Hut (that was Grandma's choice- she loves honey barbecue wings!).     For those of you out there who are thinking that our Grandma resembles the character "Maxine", I couldn't agree with you more.  In fact, Pete picked out a Maxine card for her birthday.  It said something like ... "Birthdays are a lot like chocolate chip cookies.  Having too many makes you sick!"   LOL   Grandma got a good laugh out of it.

Not only was it her birthday, but it was also the first time for her to see Shadrach in person for the first time.  It was very touching to see her hold her 10th great grandchild.  As I looked at the pictures later, I  was struck by the thought that I was looking at the oldest and youngest living members of our family!

Shad is now 3 1/2 weeks old.  I took a picture of him last Wednesday to post, but I didn't get it up.  I went back to my Wednesday night class and it filled up my day.  Then (oh, the joy) I came down with Pete's cold on Thursday and I've been suffering with it since. It's the knock you out, every muscle in your body aches, stay in bed all day kind of cold.   I think I'm doing better today, but I didn't even attend Sunday Services yesterday because I felt so crumby!   I am praising the Lord that Shad hasn't been too bad- a little stuffy in his nose and a little extra fussy but no fever, etc.

Today I'm posting Shad's 3 week old pictures and another first... just today he enjoyed his first swing experience!  He seemed to like it and fell right to sleep.  He'll be up soon, though, so I'll post the pictures and then I'll have to run!   By the way, we weighed him on our baby scale yesterday and he's already well over 9 pounds- almost 9 1/2 lbs.  to be exact.    We also think he grew longer.  He's one of the longest babies we've ever had.  Tall and skinny.

Shad 3 weeks old

Shad 3.5 Weeks old

         Photo of the Day, Shad's First Time in the Swing

Believe it or not, this is the same swing we've used for ALL six of the kids.  Still works and is as quiet as it ever was!  Now that's getting your money's worth!

OK... and just for fun, I'll throw in one picture of my silly monkey, Zeke....

Thanks for stopping by today!  It's good to be able to visit with you all again!  See you again soon.
Oh, and the baby just started crying, so I'll be signing off now!  Bye!

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