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Jennifer Jo Weiss

The Triple Peanut and Other Things You May Not See Everyday

Don't you ever wish for a day that's out of the ordinary???  Well, look no further because I'm going to share with you some things today that are anything but hum-drum. 

Have you ever seen a triple peanut?   I am not quite sure that I have before (until recently) and eating peanuts is a regular occurrence with me!  With gestational diabetes, I have to eat a lot of small snacks during the day.  I usually have a handful of nuts as one of the snacks because they are a good source of protein as well as carb friendly for my diet.  Honestly, I feel like I'm eating all the time!  I have found that whatever I buy to eat, the kids love to share whatever I get.  The jumbo peanuts are a good example.  The little boys especially love to sit there with me and shell nuts during the afternoon.  One day Levi got a surprise when he discovered a triple peanut.   We didn't crack that one open, but the same bag I found another one, which we did crack open and look at- and eat.  All the kids thought that was an oddity to have 3 peanuts in one shell.... and to think we found two triples in one bag!   I figured that most people don't see a triple peanut everyday..................   so here it is!


Yesterday I was able to finish Celeste's cake for her Honor Star Crowning.  Unless you make huge cakes, you usually don't think about the time and manpower (in this case woman-power) that goes into making one.  We're used to going to receptions and seeing the decked out final product.  I spent 7 hours after school making it!  I got to thinking that an undecorated cake isn't something that everyone sees everyday (and it's not something I make everyday), so I decided to share a photograph with you!

What you are actually seeing is 4 cakes, each 4 inches thick; a 14" white, a 10" chocolate, an 8" strawberry and a 6" cherry chip all crumb coated.  They will be decorated with icing later.  They are covered with plastic wrap because I baked them early so I wouldn't have to bake them during the ceremony weekend- it's very close to my due date!!!  They are now in my upright freezer!

And finally today, I thought it would be nice to share some beauty- and something I don't get to see everyday- though my garden is increasing and someday I'll have tons of fresh cut flowers!

I snapped this photo on our screened-in porch this morning as the sun was beginning to rise.  I just love natural light on flowers!  There are 2 varieties of roses and some hot pink carnations from my garden.  I very much enjoy putting pinks and oranges together. 

I hope you have an unusual day full of God's presence and unexpected blessings!  May your life be extraordinary and not ordinary!  See you tomorrow, friend!

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