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Jennifer Jo Weiss

The Week in Review

OK- some of my family have been wondering why I haven't posted anything new this week.  The truth is I got on here twice this week and wrote some very good entries and just about the time I was done typing, somehow deleted them.  This happens to me now and again.  I'm not sure what I do to cause it (maybe hitting the control button??), but I was too exhausted to retype what I said.  Besides, writing is an outlet for me and once I've said what I have to say... I feel better.  

I thought I'd better get on here today and make contact before I really start getting the phone calls!   Yes, I have been a little under the weather for about a week now, too.  I will explain more in detail in a minute.

Here's the week in highlights in my not-so- interesting, but oh-so-pregnant world:  Monday was spent catching up on laundry, as my two oldest boys had been on a 4 day camping outing.  Also, because I was sick I spent a great deal of time in bed.  I think I was battling some sort of stomach virus.    I was having terrible nausea and feeling light headed- so much so that it was hard to get around. 
Yeah!  Whoopee!  A stomach bug just in time for Tuesday!  On Tuesday,  I was sent to Lee's Summit for a three hour glucose screening since my first glucose test came back a little high.  I had to have the three hour screen when I had Celeste, but the results came back normal that time.  I am hoping to hear word today of the results.    I don't ever remember feeling so sick as I did after drinking the (entire bottle of) glucose drink.  Celeste was with me and I think she was really worried.  I prayed and prayed not to throw it up, since I would have been forced to repeat the process on another day if that happened.  I spent most of Tuesday in bed as well.
Wednesday was church and housework.  Things go a little awry when Mom is down.
Yesterday was yard work day and grocery shopping.
Today... we'll have to see what the rest of the day holds, but it hasn't started off too well.  I went to feed the pets this morning and found our sweet little Gene Buckles on the bottom of the cage... deceased.  I burst into tears and my husband went and buried him in the back yard.  I heard Pete say as he walked toward the garden with a shovel in hand, "We sure have a lot of pets buried out here!"    As you well know if you read my blogs, I just love animals!  Our house has always been a place filled with life (at least that's the way I look at it).   Pets teach children so much about nurturing, responsibility, caring for others, and of course life and death.  Losing a pet is probably the worst thing about having a pet... it's always hard to say goodbye.   We already miss his chirping, which he would be doing right now if he were here.  He would sing away when we would whistle or run the water in the kitchen sink.  He loved to hear the birds outside.  He enjoyed music and if we ever did any recording, we had to move him out of the room because he would chirp and get on the song!
As a final note to the saga, the kids have already had a meeting this morning and decided that they would like to have another bird...or two... for their "together birthday".  We celebrate their upcoming birthdays on Winston's birthday (June 24th)  and get them a gift to share- and they have chosen what to get.  We'll have to see what Dad has to say about that.

As for other news, well, my mind never quits thinking about things even if my body doesn't cooperate.  I always have a gazillion things I could be writing about at any given time.  One of these days, perhaps I'll get my wish for a laptop.  That way, I could be in bed, or in the pool or wherever and write, and write, and write.....  

One peak on my interest radar this morning was  when I strolled over to my sister's site and read her entry.  She's in college and taking a class on "Religious Diversity" which has sparked some topics.  Someone commented negatively on one of her precious blog entries ..yeah and by the way folks, if you're bold enough to put a negative comment on some one's blog,  you should also be bold enough to leave your contact information.   It doesn't upset me that people have differing opinions, but it does steam me when people become spiritual /emotional snipers.   You know the type, they come out of nowhere, spew their venom, and then before you can respond they are gone! Oh, yeah, I could write about that topic for awhile. 
Anyway, check out my sister's blog if you want more info.    For Sharon:  you ARE shining your light.  It's inspirational to see someone take a passionate stand for Christ!

Well, as this is getting lengthy today, I will sign off for now.    Have a great day, friends, and we'll see you again soon.

SPECIAL CONDOLENCES:  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Basso family today at the passing of Larry's mother, Mary, following a long illness.  Please keep them in your prayers.


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