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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Thinking Outside the (Life) Box

This morning, following our Bible discussion and prayer time, the kids began a lengthy dialogue that started with the opened-ended statement, "Somewhere in the world right now..."   Some answers were profound, some were silly, but all got us to thinking how much we needed to pray for others even if we don't know them.  God cares for each and every one of us personally!  Here are a few of the things the kids came up with: 

Somewhere in the world right now: 

- someone is being born

- someone is dying

-someone is involved in a car wreck

-someone is happy

-someone is crying

-someone is being hurt or injured

-someone is hearing about Jesus

-someone is scared

-someone is mad

-someone hasn't eaten for 2 weeks

-someone's house just burned down

- someone is alone

-someone is with their family

-someone is going to work

-someone is getting off of work

-someone is playing their Gameboy

-someone found out that they are sick

-someone got kissed

-someone told a lie

-someone went to jail for murder

-someone had to go to the ER

-someone got a new puppy

-someone is reading their Bible

-someone is being persecuted for their faith

And I will add:  Someone is reading this!

The statements went on and on for a long time.  It's healthy to get outside of our own little lives once in awhile and realize that there is a big world out there... a world where people face many different scenarios during the day.  We may never see what others have been going through in their lives; people like to put on different "masks" that hide their true emotions.   Are we too busy to care what's going on in the lives of others... REALLY care???    God sees everything that happens in our lives... nothing evades His view.  That fact, like this list, either makes us thankful for our blessings or brings conviction. 

We thank Him today for this simple reminder... to consider others, pray for them, and to love.


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