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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Thoughts for Friday

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

I'm so glad it's Friday!  Ever since we started back to school (since I had the baby), the days seem to be speeding by.   It seems like it's been a bumpy ride trying to juggle 5 grade levels, the home, and a new baby, but we're  managing.   This weekend will be hopefully be a little slower paced; house cleaning and grading papers are the only two things on the "To Do" List.  Oh, and Shad's baby shower at church is on Sunday evening.  
Baby shower?  Yes, I know; with 6 kids (5 of which have been boys); what can we possibly need?  But, our church insisted on throwing a shower.   Our Pastor's wife asked what we needed and all I could think of was diapers!    I'm sure it will be a nice time- just because we're celebrating with our church family.  For us, it's not about material items, but a time of fellowship and praise for a gift of life!

Baby, Baby...

Wednesday marked 4 weeks since the baby was born.  Can it be possible?  An entire month old already?   He looks bigger to me and he is losing his "newborn" cry.   Deciphering different cries has not been difficult in caring for any of my babies... and Shad sure cries a lot- at least compared to most of my kids.  I told the other kids this morning that he is well on his way to being (in our family) the crying champion; a title previously held by Celeste.   He wants held and if he isn't being held... he'll cry.  That's our fault because everyone wants a turn holding him in the day and he is cuddling up with someone most of the time.  There are certain times, however, when we just don't have the ability to pick him up- say for instance during parts of school, or as I write blog entries!  I am looking forward to him having better control of his head so that I can put him in my baby carrier.  I really don't like to use those until the baby can hold up his/her head.  I can't stand baby slings, either.  Some people love 'em, but I'm NOT one of those people.  I like my carriers.  I start out with the Snuggly and then when he's a little older, he'll go in the baby backpack.  They're something I've used for all of my kids and they're so handy.   My parents love to tell of the time that I flew a kite with Zeke in my baby backpack... I guess it probably looked pretty funny!!!

Miles Away...

One bad thing about living so far away from where you grew up is when you have kids.  My side of the family all live out of state and it's tough to have to live through computer pictures and phone calls.   Can you relate?  I think there are a lot of people out there who can empathize with my situation.   Don't get me wrong... technology is great for that sort of thing, but it doesn't take the place of spending time with your family.  I miss my parents, my sister, my cousins, aunts, and uncles!    My parents, who still live in Ohio, have yet to see little Shad in person.   Their health keeps them from traveling the 14 hour trip. Cost and time keeps us from going.   Have you ever priced train tickets or plane tickets for 8 people???  Outrageous! 

Anyway, we have resorted to sending frequent pictures of Shad to my parents so they don't miss out on too much.  Most of the pictures of Shad were of him sleeping, which I really didn't notice.  My mom was wanting to see a photo of Shad with his eyes open.   That was easier requested than done, but we were finally successful.  Mom loved the picture and said, "Now I feel like I've met my grandson!"     So, I'll share Grandma's photo with all of you, too...

Shad a 4 weeks old

But on another note, Pete's parents literally live about a mile away from us and his grandmothers live an hour away in Kansas.  It is nice to have family around, but I would sure love to see more of my side of the family!   I think we miss seeing them especially around holidays and special times like now when we've just had a baby.    Hopefully we will be able to see them sometime in the near future- before the baby is too big.

The Station Wagon Saga Continues
And for those of you on the edge of your seat to hear about the wagon... it still isn't running.   The repairs were completed last night, but weren't successful.  We have another mechanic looking at it today and perhaps one more avenue to pursue until a decision will have to be made.   At this point, I'd just be glad to see it gone, but it is getting colder and we'll need something for the winter that can fit the entire family. 

I hope you have a great Friday and restful weekend. 

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