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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Thoughts for the Day

I am pleased to report that God finally sent a buyer for the truck and it was sold last night!  We came down a little on the price, but still were content with what we got out of it.  My hope is that it will be a good truck for this couple.  To date, it is the most expensive vehicle that we've sold.  I am praising God today that this burden of selling it has lifted.

I sat and paid bills early this morning, one of my least favorite activities.  Good thing I only have to do it twice a month!   Does anyone like to pay personal bills?????  I used to work accounts payable for a design company, and I found it a lot more enjoyable to pay bills when I dealt with other people's money!  When it comes to my own however, it just seems to be a "downer".   Part of my day was spent budgeting bills that will come throughout the rest of the year.  That's always fun.  With a baby on the way, it's always good to plan ahead and have hospital co-pays, etc. ready for when that time comes.  Anyway, enough about that topic. 

A friend of mine at church informed me that the Supreme Court upheld the partial birth abortion ban yesterday.  I was glad to see that such a barbaric act will remain unlawful in our country.  At least we have some judges who err on the side of conservatism.  When 2008 hits, we may all be in for quite a shock, however.    Not just on this matter, but several others as well.    It will be interesting to see how everything pans out.  It's never too early to start interceding for the elections or governmental policies.

Today my sister is down having orientation at college!  I wish her the best as she begins a new phase in life.    She decided to go back and pursue a degree in elementary education.  She has been a substitute teacher ever since her youngest child started attending school and has enjoyed it very much.  I think it's cool that she was able to "try it before you buy it" with teaching.    I don't think it will take her very long to get her degree and some of it is via computer.  So, many prayers and thoughts are with her today.  It's very exciting!!!

We are headed out to a local park again this afternoon with friends.  It's a beautiful day again here and we are taking advantage of the weather.  My husband took a few days off (after he works his shift tonight) and we are looking forward to a mini-vacation with him.  We have a few fun things planned for next week, including teaching the children how a charcoal grill works.  We have a gas grill here at the house, but we plan on doing some grilling either at a park grill or getting a small one of our own.    There's also plenty of spring time work to be done around the house.  I saw an army of ants trailing through the kitchen yesterday morning, so it's time to spray again!  There are plenty of other chores to be done as well as get some items together for a garage sale that we've been meaning to have for better than a year now. 

So, that's what's on my mind today.  I'm going to get off of here and get some things done before our outing.  Hope you have a blessed day!



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