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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Trick or Treat on the Nation... and Other Tid Bits

I can't help but think that this weekend is so telling when it comes to the paramount issues facing our nation and world today. 

The word PARAMOUNT has come up several times over the past few days.  What does "paramount" mean?  Above, supreme, or dominant.  There are many things paramount to our lives today and for the future generations; pressing issues and decisions that cannot be ignored.

Getting back to this weekend, I find it fascinating that the events unfolding this weekend are preceding the elections.  Let's take a look at a few.....

Today:  Trick or Treat! Rather than getting into a discussion about Halloween and whether it's right or wrong (if you know me- you know my STRONG stance on the issue and why I feel the way I do) -  I want you to be thinking about something today... the analogy of trick-or-treating and how it relates to our world today.   The fact IS that the devil can disguise his plans so "sweetly" - in a manner that tastes oh, so pleasing to us.  He masquerades around as something "good", which he is NOT.  His messengers also masquerade around in their deceiving costumes!

Our nation may be in for the biggest trick or treat that we have ever seen.

If we fall for the lie and deception... we've chosen the "trick".  If we seek God by humbling ourselves through prayer and repentance... then the blessing God has in store for us will be such a treat.  Just like my previous post pointing out the choice we have... life or death... our choice to make is certainly clear! 

Here's a poem I jotted down this morning:

Trick or Treat?  It's our choice.

Saturday & into Sunday:  The Times are a-Changin'! 


One thing that everyone agrees on is that as a nation, we are about to change.  The winds are blowing (just like the weather is changing from summer to fall and the brisk winds blow the leaves through the air  - the winds of change are blowing across our nation).    Times are a changing.   This time change thing (daylight savings) never feels "natural" when it sneaks up on us.  Likewise, this "change" that we are about to undergo doesn't feel quite natural either!   Buckle up, kids.  Whether good or bad... change is on the way!

FALL:  My third and final analogy this morning has to do with fall.  I can't help but notice the times and seasons and how they seem to fit into God's timing.  Fall is the season right before the dormancy of winter.  This too speaks to me today.  Also, is our nation in for a big fall?  Whether the plans of the enemy crumble or our values of family and faith are destroyed...  a FALL is coming.

Consider these things today and if you liked the poem and it speaks to YOU, share it with a friend because it's worth thinking about!

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