Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss

Update on Mom- 5PM CST

Mom showed some improvement following her Pastor's (Pastor Chuck's) visit and prayer this morning-  along with all of ours, the various prayer chains, etc. 

Folks there is power in prayer and our footing is sure when we stand on the Word of God.  James 5 tells us to lay hands on the sick and they will recover! 

Immediately after, she began to slow down in the bleeding and as of 2pm, she stopped bleeding!   Praise the Lord.  We are counting this as a divine intervention because she was literally lying there bleeding to death and the health care workers were unable to stop it.  My cousin, Jan, felt in the Spirit that "it was finished".  Now, as Aunt Becky says, "We are just trusting that the Lord will totally complete the healing and take care of whatever was wrong."

A second answer to prayer - her heart surgeon that put in her mechanical valve arrived on the scene and was able to address the heart issues that were so pressing.  He took her off of a bunch of stuff that they had in her, but her arms are still full of IV shunts.  He said we don't want her stroking out on top of all of this other stuff.

To recap, Mom lost about 2/3 of her blood volume!  She is now sitting up and moving her legs - she keeps asking how much she bled, but they are not telling her.  She is still in Critical Condition, but is showing great improvement.  Aunt Becky said that when she arrived this morning, there was no hope... now there is great reason to hope.

We do not know beyond today what they will do.  No surgery is planned at this point and may not occur at all.  We are uncertain if they will search for the source or what they will do - they are just waiting for her improve further at this point.

Sharon headed out to Ohio and is there now.  I am awaiting word from her on "her take" of the situation.  We are trying to decide what we will do.    When she arrives, my Dad will be able to take a break, get something to eat... hopefully go home and sleep a bit.  He has been up since last night!  God needs to touch him as well and give him peace and rest!

Thanks to Aunt Becky, who remained with Dad all day long at the hospital.  Aunt Phyllis manned the phones and our tons of relatives called her for updates throughout the day.  That's exhausting in itself, so we are so very blessed and thankful to have been able to mobilize help so quickly.  

We still need your prayers, but I thank all of you for helping us pray.  The effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man avails MUCH!   We are so grateful and thankful.

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