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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Update on Prayer Request- Tuesday Afternoon

The doctor released Peter to come home to recover this morning.  The kids and I went to pick him up and finally got him home around 11am.  He has been sleeping ever since- praise the Lord!  That's just what he needed.  Somehow his left arm IV drip filled up his arm with fluid rather than going into his vein like he was supposed to.  It probably came loose when Zeke tripped over the IV cord yesterday afternoon.  Anyhow, no one noticed until this morning when his arm was twice the size that it should be!  They told him to put a heating pad on it to help the fluid absorb faster into his system.

They never said one way or the other about his nose.  There is a bump on the bridge and it is bruised, but not "black and blue".... just a little dark.  He insists that the bump was always there, but I don't think so!  He has several bruises showing up all over his body today.  The large cut above his knee is healing up.  Pete says he's amazed at how fast his body seems to be healing and how everything has gone so much better than he's expected!  That's God!

The bad thing with men is that they want to go, go, go and they don't want anyone telling them to slow down, rest, etc.  With Pete, his mind is saying, "You can do whatever you want", but his body is telling him, "You've been hurt and need to heal".  So far, though, he has listened to his body and isn't pushing it.  I thought he was crazy when he requested to go the station on the way home from the hospital, but just a few minutes from the house he changed his mind.  The 15 minute car ride did him in.

Our journey is not over.  He has a lot of healing to do before he'll be able to resume normal activities...especially those job related.  Working with workers-comp, I'm sure they will want him 100% better before he returns to work, too.   He has an appointment next Tuesday with the doctor who saw him in the hospital.  We'll know more then about how his recovery is going.     He'll be off for sure in a few weeks when I have the baby.  It'll be interesting to see how much he will be at work this month.

We feel very blessed that he is OK and that there weren't any complications with the intestines, etc. 
For now, I am very tired and realize this is all finally catching up with me.  I'm so glad he's home and in our bed... I feel more settled that way.

I called my friend, Gerri, who is down at the camp where Titus is staying.  I had her relay the message about Pete to him this morning and she's been keeping him updated throughout the day.  Ironically, Titus is working on First Aid/CPR today!!!  I don't know what could be more appropriate.   He took the news well and seems to be having a good camp experience.  I miss him though, especially with all that has been going on.  This mom just wants all the family home!

I'll update more tomorrow.  Pete wanted me to share some photos with all of you.   Yeah, beware... some are of the knife sticking out of his abdomen.  ICK.  I'm not sure I even want to look at them.

I can't thank you enough for all of your prayers, well wishes, and encouragement.  We love you all and our gratitude is overflowing today.  Blessings!

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