Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss


Just a brief update on my nephew diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes on Saturday.  He was released from the hospital yesterday.  Last night, however, he developed a fever and was taken this morning to the local doctor.  He has a bacterial infection and is now on antibiotics.  No school until Monday.  The good news out of the situation may be that he has more time to rest and recoup, become more comfortable testing his sugars and using his insulin, and that the stress levels can be kept low for a few more days (which can affect your blood sugar).  On the blood sugar count, the last number I heard was around 190.  That's far more reasonable than the 580 we heard on Saturday (which if I recall was after he had a treatment!).

Now the family is dealing with financial aspects of this disease.  They were given a quote yesterday for his monthly diabetic supplies that sounded more like a substantial mortgage payment rather than a medical expense.  Health care can be quite costly.  There are 2 types of insulin he requires - which I am sure is a big bulk of the cost.  There are programs that can help, but there are some drawbacks which will have to be considered.  We are praying for wisdom and for God to supply all their needs. 

After praying for the family yesterday, Zeke had a song on his heart which I thought was worth sharing.

In my family - Shad is still recovering from pneumonia and is on his 4th day of antibiotics.  Ezekiel sounds awful and he'll have to go to the doctor tomorrow if there isn't a significant improvement today.  He's running a high fever and looks miserable.  I am still not well either and feel like I just haven't had time for my immune system to charge back up before getting hit with the second round.
So, I am dragging.  We would appreciate your prayers.


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