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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Vacation Day!

We'll be out and about today during our short, but sweet vacation.  It's not too often that my husband gets a chance to take a day off for R&R, so we're taking full advantage.

Today, we'll head out to Burr Oak Woods for a visit to the Nature Center and to hike a trail where Jesse James was said to hide out among the limestone rocks.  There are also old homestead sites along the river bank that used to be thriving (but no longer- the "river" looks more like a trickling creek in places).  The kids love nature and hikes so they are really looking forward to it.

We also have a cookout planned at a local park where the kids will have their first lessons in tennis and charcoal grilling - but not at the same time!   There will be tons of food and fun for all.

Off we go!  Thanks for visiting today, friend!

A special thanks to my sister for putting my baby ticker up on my blog header.  It looks nice up there and I really appreciate it!

A final note, someone out there has recently lost a teenage daughter in a car crash.  Your grief is almost unbearable.  Life has seemed to have stopped for you and you can't believe the rest of the world is "moving on" when you are frozen in the moment of your tragedy.   I don't know who you are or where you are, but I was up early this morning praying for you and your family.     Hold on to your faith in God.  That doesn't mean that you aren't going to have days of sheer agony, it simply means that God is right there wanting to sustain you.  He didn't cause this to happen... it was an accident... but He wants to help you through it.  Tough days are ahead so take one day at a time. God will extend great mercy to you and the rest of the family.  Trust and cling to Him in your hour of need.  Today will be a day that will bring a glimmer of hope back to your life- hope that life won't make you feel like you are drowning, hope that there will be some joy return to your family eventually.  You are in the palm of God's hand today.  We are praying and so are many others!

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