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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Vote 2006

   Today's the day to get out and vote!!  I don't think any of us will miss the political ads on TV!  It's been a mudslinger here in the Show Me State!

My husband and I voted early this morning so we could avoid the "after work" rush that seems to hit around dinner time.  I have never been more thankful that our name begins with a "W".  There are usually 3 check-ins at our polling places which are divided alphabetically and T-Z had no one in line when we arrived.  The other lines, however, had at least 15 voters each waiting to check in.  An answer to my waiting for us!   The worst part about voting is being accosted in the parking lot by last minute ditch efforts by pushy activists to "sway" the voters.  Don't they think we have the issues settled in our minds before we get to our voting locations?  Come on, now!  Gimme a break!   I talked to a few of them and listened to what they had to say, but then they had to listen to me.  Basically I state my party affiliation and tell them in no uncertain terms will I vote for their candidate because I support MY candidates and their beliefs!!!  That quiets them pretty quickly.  I thank them and walk away.

Here in Missouri, there are a few hot races and issues that demand a response by voters.  I am very happy to be able to exercise my right to vote and be a part of the entire process.  Thank the Lord that we live in a country where we can vote. 

Even the kids got to vote in their special polling spot!  That was fun for them.  They will reveal the results of their vote on a local KC TV channel in the morning. 

So, remember to get out and vote today and PRAY!  Pray for the elections and issues relevant to your city and state. 

Dear Lord,    Thank You for the opportunity to go and vote today!  Thank You for Your mercy that has been displayed to our country these past few years, despite our wickedness.  We ask, Father, that You would grant wisdom to all who vote.  We pray that You would surround each polling place with a host of heavenly angels to protect and minister to those who would enter in.  We ask that Your Holy Spirit would be present; to guide, direct, and work in lives as only the Holy Spirit can.  Lord, may justice prevail in our courts, cities, states, and nation.  We ask for Your favor to rest on the godly today and we pray for those in high places.   We pray for legislation that would uphold Christian beliefs and morals and legislators who fear Your Holy Name!   We pray for all those in authority over us; they are all in office by Your will - whether they be "good" in our sight or "evil".  We ask that Your will may be accomplished through them, as they are responsible to You for their actions.   All things are under Your feet and the government shall be on Your shoulders.  Your Word declares it. Thank you, Lord.   Amen.

    One final  note, be in prayer tomorrow over the partial-birth abortion case being heard by the Supreme Court.  The judges need to make a ruling on this!

Blessings today!

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