Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss

VT Remembered

Our thoughts and prayers go out to family, students, faculty, friends and loved ones who were personally touched by Monday's traumatic massacre at Virginia Tech.  No one can understand what would motivate someone to go on a killing rampage... we sit and shake our heads at such happenings.   Sadly, this event, much like the events of the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Columbine Shootings, the Amish School Shootings, and the infamous 9/11 affect ALL of us.  We live in a world that can change in an instant and often tragedy strikes the innocent.   It seems so unfair that lives would be cut short in such a violent act. 
We can ask "Why" all day long and never reason it out.  There is little we can do but offer our prayers and heartfelt condolences to one another... keep our faith in God... reach out and support and encourage one another through love and compassion.   May God heal our land today and let it begin in our hearts.


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