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Jennifer Jo Weiss

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

I will never forget in High School when a teacher informed me, "Jenni, this is a "what have you done for me lately" world.   He followed that up with a statement that  I was being passed up for an award.  It did not bother me about the award, because I had a closet full of certificates, awards, etc.  What bothered me was the attitude... "what have you done lately"...and the fact (unfortunately) that he was probably right! 

I had undergone an operation to correct a double locked jaw  (slipped discs) resulting from TMJ.  This happened during the school year and  left me unable to attend this particular class on a regular basis.  The stress put on my jaw (from the class) would have not been beneficial to my therapy/recovery so I was given an excused absence until my recovery was complete.   I didn't like having to sit out class, but recovery was the number one priority because it would affect the rest of my life.

Regardless of the fact that I spent years of my life devoted to my extracurricular activities associated with this class,  those past achievements were mute. They were looking on the "now", not what I had accomplished up until that point.   Doesn't seem fair, but that is the reality of life in this world.  But praise God, He taught me something much more valuable out of this situation than I could have imagined.  Up until this day,  I have never forgotten the lessons I learned.

Through that situation, temporal achievements and accomplishments totally lost their significance.  I realized that my affections were to be on things above... things in the heavenly realms that really mattered... things that were eternal.    It wasn't a moment of revelation, but rather one of solidified decision.   I didn't want to waste my time with man's version of what was pleasing and acceptable, I wanted to throw myself into what was pleasing and acceptable to the Lord.   We can pour our lives into things that do not matter in the long run.  Many of these things are self-serving and only benefit us for a short (very short) time.  I wanted to pour my life into things (or people) that had eternal importance.   It also made me reevaluate what was worth doing or not by depending on God for direction and wisdom.

We sure do live in a "what have you done for me lately world".   Hollywood stars come and go,  the latest technological wonders are eclipsed by new and improved models,  sports icons are outplayed, out run, and out scored, television hits are eventually cancelled, the most brilliant professors retire and have their jobs taken over by younger novices, even the most beloved Historical events or figures will be forgotten given enough time.  What is tangibly important in this present world will not be what has value tomorrow.

I wanted whatever I "accomplished" to be done as unto the Lord, to glorify the Lord, benefit His Kingdom, and reap eternal significance.  My treasures were not measured in awards, certificates, or accolades of men, but rather set in heaven.  Our goal; to hear the Father say to us one day, "My child, well done!"  Hopefully this is your desire as well.    Ask yourself, what am I doing today that is for the eternal?

Let's take this a bit further.   Does God look on our lives as "What have you done for me lately?"   He does not save you by good works, nor does He measure your spiritual life by works.  So, I would say in that aspect He doesn't really care what you have or have not "done" for Him.  He does however, wish for a daily relationship with you.  He wants You to read and live by the Word in your daily walk.    The Lord notices when you have drifted away from Him.  He knows when you have neglected your prayer time or when He drifts to the bottom of your priority list.  He knows whether or not you are bearing the fruits of His Spirit.   He absolutely knows every inch of your heart.  He also knows what you have done in His name; when you've given to those in need, cared for the unloved, or reached out to the oppressed.

One thing I know, you cannot live your spiritual life on past experiences.  Your walk with Christ is fresh and anew every day.  When we get "versed" in how to be a Christian it can be a dangerous thing.  We put on our masks and play the game, but we're not fooling God.  The Word tells us that man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.    You could be a Pastor, but living a deep life of sin.  Outwardly, you look "righteous" but inside you are dark.  

Another aspect of this "what have you done for me lately" is our attitude toward God.  We cannot approach Him with "conditions"; I will only serve You when you are doing things for me.    Too many of us are falling away in these last days because we are expecting God to move, do, or prove Himself in a manner that is prescribed by our minds - not by His Word or will.  We get into the danger zone when we get ahead of God because He hasn't "done" for us .  I also see how we are redefining God to appease man's desires and not really serving the true God.

Final thoughts:

Whether or not we are praised by men is not necessarily an indicator of how well we are doing in life!
What is most important is if God calls it good.   Many deeds we may accomplish in life are not known by men, but they are seen by God!

What DOES have true value in life?  Here are a few:  Love, God's Word, putting God's Word into practice, relationships with others and God, the fruits of the Spirit, and anything that furthers the Kingdom of God.  This could mean simple things like reading the Bible with your child every night and telling him/her about Jesus,  being salt and light in the workplace, giving money or time to a friend in need, or encouraging others.

 My desire is that we all begin to think with the eternal in mind and ask ourselves if what we do has eternal significance.   Eternity (for all of us) may be closer than you think!

 What can we do that will impact eternity?    Let's make that today's prayer.  Lord, show us today how to define and execute that which has eternal significance!


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