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Jennifer Jo Weiss

What Kind of Bus is THAT?

The "Doodlebops" sing a song in their kids show, "Let's Get on the Bus".  I've got a story to share about a bus today, but I don't think it's one I'll be getting on any time soon....

We were traveling around town the other night when we decided to head toward a particular local gas station for "slushies".  It was probably after nine sometime and the kids were anxious to pick up their frozen treats, so we were making tracks.  While on our way, we passed by a different gas station where I took a double take at this huge dark blue bus parked in the parking lot.   It had a "theme" to it- I think it was "prison" or something.  I asked Pete, "What kind of bus was that?" because it obviously wasn't related to anything law enforcement oriented. 

 It was a party bus.  What in the world?  Sights of the city can be a little, well... unusual at times.  Conversation erupted over the sight because we all noticed it and everyone had something to say.   Evidently, these 'party buses' are all the rage over the city.  They drive around with the partiers inside with no apparent destination (or maybe sometimes there is a destination- I don't really know).  They can be "rented" for private parties and the like.   Hold the phone... it's all too weird.   Yeah, I'm a mom and I must be out of touch with the mainstream because this was news to me.  My husband the police officer informed me that they were all over town and he sees them all the time.  I found this highly disconcerting that people were engaged in this kind of behavior.  After all- what good can come of being all cooped up in a bus for a 'party'?  Maybe that's the point- no good is supposed to come of it.

When we arrived at the second gas station (slushy stop), the baby was asleep, so I opted to stay out in the van with him while everyone else went in to get a slushy.   Then... you won't believe it... but another party bus pulled up!  It had a different "theme" advertised on the side, but the same dark blue color. They parked off near the air pump because of the sheer size of the bus, but they were still right NEXT to me.  Oh, what fun.  Here came the people, trickling out of their party wagon like a line of ants on a raid at a picnic.  As they meandered past my van, I began to wonder, "How many people can you fit into one of those things?"  It was like the clown car at the circus.  Certainly there should be a maximum for safety purposes, but I'm telling you the faces seemed endless.  They filed into the convenient store and emerged mainly with alcohol and snacks.  Yeah, my image of the party bus just got a big plug for having the "ICK" factor.  

As I sat there trying to take in what I was actually seeing, my heart began to break.  Face after face,  life after life, soul after soul came rushing past.  "Where are all these souls headed?" I began to wonder.   The bus took on an ugly metaphor for sin.  People carousing in the pleasures and cares of this life, opting to "get on the bus" headed toward destruction.  The more I thought about it, the more it bothered me.    Then I noticed a young woman, obviously pregnant - dressed in skimpy apparel and headed back toward the bus.  I noticed her on the way in, but only saw her back- not her bulging tummy.    It didn't appear that she had any care in the world about her unborn baby as she headed back to the "party".    I couldn't stand it.  It's one thing to screw up your own life, but when you're taking an innocent baby along for the ride... there's no excuse!   If it weren't for my own baby being with me in the van, I may have jumped out and tried to reason with this woman and confront her with the truth of God's Word.  Helpless to witness, I began to pray aloud in the van, pleading for the souls that I saw that night - asking the Lord to send His Spirit to reach these people- especially this pregnant woman.

After several minutes, my family came back to our van with their slushies and we drove away.  The bus was still there, getting ready to take off again for the "party".  The people were laughing, drinking, and climbing back on.  It reminded me of the passage:

 "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark,

 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."   Matthew 24:37-39

There they were, shutting themselves up in "sin".  Soon the door would be closed and off they would go.  Noah was found righteous and boarded the ark of safety... again, these folks seemed to be wallowing in their sins (as if it's normal) and boarding the path to destruction.

I don't know what else I can say about the matter, except the sheer impact it had on me that night.  I won't forget the young woman I saw and I especially won't forget to pray for her unborn baby!  He/she is worth praying for.

Perhaps if you live in a city and feel like you don't have a place to "outreach", the party buses could be a start.  I thought the convenient stores might be a good witnessing spot as the folks trickle off the bus.

On the flip side, churches could really utilize a new spin on "bus ministry" and try their own bus events!

It's something to consider in our ever changing (and sometimes shocking) world. 

My older sister just got a little bit older yesterday!
Love ya!

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