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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Whew, Is Anyone Else Tired?; JBQ, and Whatever Else...

I don't know if it was the time change or what, but I am extremely tired this morning!  (YAWN) 

I'll try my best to put a little something together here, starting with the verse on my mind....

"I have tried hard to find you— don’t let me wander from your commands.   I have hidden your word in my heart,  that I might not sin against you.   I praise you, O Lord; teach me your decrees."  Psalm 119:10-12

"I TRIED HARD TO FIND YOU"!!!!!!  This first part of this verse is for 2 of my kids that I had a hard time getting to JBQ practice last night.    I allowed both of them to visit with friends in the afternoon with strict instructions to be back at the church at 5:30pm only to find them NOT quizzing when I arrived around 5:40pm.  One was outside with a group of kids, the other WANDERING around up on the 3rd floor with more kids.  "DON'T LET ME WANDER FROM YOUR COMMANDS"!!!!    (And guess who won't be going over to friends houses for quite awhile!)  Yeah, I was NOT happy.  Of course, Daddy and I will be dealing with that more today.  Folks- parenting isn't always easy or fun, but you have to stay diligent and keep your kids on the right track.  As the first part of this verse reminds us, we have to try HARD to find God.  It's our job as Christian parents to keep our kids from wandering away from the Lord's commands.  We don't let our kids wander out into the street and physically get hurt...we need to be just as diligent and protective when it comes to their spirits!

A JBQ'er would know that Psalm 119 is the longest book of the Bible.
A JBQ'er would know that Psalm 117 is the shortest book of the Bible.
A JBQ'er would probably be able to quote today's entire verse with reference.

Why do we care so much about teaching kids the Bible?  "...THAT I MIGHT NOT SIN AGAINST YOU."

If you want to raise children that will serve the Lord when they are grown, you MUST teach them the Bible in your home.  It takes more than going to church and learning a few things at Sunday School or in Kid's Church.  You need to be reading Bible stories, having discussions about Biblical topics, praying for and with your kids, teaching them to LIVE what they are LEARNING, and show them how to have a relationship with the Lord.

If God is important to you and your family, then learning about Him comes naturally and with joy- not as a drudgery!  "I PRAISE YOU, O LORD, TEACH ME YOUR DECREES."

I have to say that JBQ teaches kids more than about the Bible.  My kids are learning about the value of teamwork, goal setting, following rules, punctuality, personal responsibility, personal skills (like making new friends), and cooperative competition.    Of course, I think the Bible is the  strongest of the attributes because it helps build a solid Biblical foundation in their lives. 

If your church doesn't have a JBQ program, you can still download the questions from the Assemblies of God website.  At least it would give you a good resource to help teach your kids about important Bible facts.  It's a great tool to help you get started. 

I would like to congratulate my kids on job well done.  Both of the teams they quizzed on earned 1st place in the KC Section for their respected divisions; A Searcher and B Master.  They also placed in the overall quizzers in those divisions.  I think Moses was 6th and Celeste was 4th.  I was completely surprised about Moses because he missed an entire month's worth of points when he was sick and had to stay home.  We weren't sure he would place at all. 
Both Celeste's teammate (Jared) and Moses' teammate (Daniel) earned the first place individual quizzer ribbon!  Way to go guys.  Teammates Jacob and little Daniel need mentioning, too.   We're so proud of ALL of you.

On the Pee Wee side of things, Levi had his best meet for the entire season on Saturday.  He is getting better and we are excited to see what he and his teammate, Haley, will do next year.  Zeke will start up next year along with Haley's little sister, Jenna.  Combined they will make a Pee Wee team of 4.  That's exciting.

Also a special thanks to coaches: Sean, Jill, and Jennifer P., Coordinator: Michelle, and Sectional Coordinators:  Becky and Mark  -  as well as the gobs of volunteers that our church supplied every month.  God will reward your hard work.

Districts are this weekend and we will be taking a group of 4 (Celeste, Daniel, Jared, and Moses) plus some odd workers. 

OK- It's time to go get some coffee before I fall asleep!     

I'll leave you with something funny I saw on TV yesterday morning.  It's even funnier when you're really, really, really tired.    This will segue us into tomorrow's blog, too...

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