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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Winter Returns Today... and What STINKS??

What a busy day today.  We were up early preparing for the daily chores/errands that must be completed before the dreaded ice storm hits KC.  My husband and I had to go pick up our truck this morning (that has been sitting by my in-laws house for sale)  due to the approaching ice.   Not only did we want to avoid damage to the truck, mainly from cars coming down the hill and smacking into it, but we also wanted to keep the street clear as it is an emergency snow route.  And who exactly knows how bad the storm will be.  Sometimes the weather forecasts in KC can be the biggest joke around!
One plus...we heard that it is moving in at a slower pace than expected, so we should be able to get out and get our groceries, gas, etc. without too much trouble. 
When I went outside a little while ago to feed and check on our pet rabbit, the pavement on our patio was quite slick and you could see the limbs on the trees glistening as the drizzle falls and freezes.  One thing I plan on doing is going and getting some more salt to layer the front steps and driveway with!
So... an icy beginning to our weekend here in the mid-west.

On a second and totally unrelated thought today... I had a humorous story that I was going to share with you and just remembered it this morning after going out to feed the rabbit and having to "clean" up is cage a bit.

Here is the story:   Back in late fall, I was asked to sing at a funeral.  I had to go to my church to rehearse and help arrange selections that I would be doing along with the church pianist and one of the family members.  I lost track of time the eve of our appointment and was out raking leaves when I realized the late hour and rushed off for rehearsal.  When I arrived,  I smelled a strange odor.  I apologized to the other two musicians and said "I was out raking leaves and I must have worked up an awful sweat", not knowing if the scent was coming from me or from another source.  So, we began our practice.  I continued to smell  the horrible wafts and almost wanted to throw up!    Oh, what was that smell?   The others insisted that they didn't smell anything, but I sure did.  It was driving me crazy!  Part of me was deeply humored by the entire thing... the other part puzzled and inquisitive about the source of the stink.  What could possibly smell so BAD???
I continued to be followed  by this horrible aroma clear through rehearsal- over an hour long.  My only reprieve was when we were saying goodbye out under the car drop-off/veranda in the side parking lot.  The fresh air dissipated the powerful, offensive odor, but upon getting into my vehicle, the smell returned... and it was worse than ever!!  I apologized for the stink to the gal I was taking home from rehearsal.  We were prisoners to the smell in the enclosed vehicle!! There was no denying the force of the odor.   By this time I was becoming horrified that the smell was indeed coming from ME!  I had never smelled so awful in my life! 
When I finally got home, I sat down in a chair beside our couch to tell my husband the story of the awful stink.   I began my story and realized that I needed a drink of water, so I got up and got one.   When I got back to the chair, I saw something brown on the pink seat cushion and realized that I must have gotten mud on the chair from my shoe (which was tucked under me when I sat down).  I got a paper towel to clean it up and then realized.... it wasn't mud at all.  Nope.  It was POO!  I must have stepped in something out front when I was raking leaves!   It was all over the bottom of my shoe!   And, I know it wasn't from my dog because he doesn't "go" out front.  (Not that my dog's doo would make it any less disgusting or anything!)  YUCK!  YUCK!  YUCK!   So, I was the source of the stink...or at least my shoe was... and boy, was it awful.

I ended up telling the church pianist about what happened a few weeks later and we got a hearty chuckle out of it.     Hopefully, my story will bring a smile to your face today as well.

So, be blessed today friends and remember to look where you step!

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