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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Witnessing 101

I had to add this today because I thought it was so good.  It's nothing you may not have heard before, but it sure brings the reality of salvation home!

My son, Moses, was recording some reading for us to send into the academy.  The story he was reading was about a little girl trying to witness to her friend about Jesus.  She said all you needed to know was John 3:16-17 and put the name of the person (or your own name for that matter) into the verse.    Excellent.  It's so easy that your children can even do it!  So here it is.    I'll substitute the name "Jennifer"  in so you can see how it reads, but then put your own name in there and read it again!

For God so loved (Jennifer) that He gave His one and only Son, that if (Jennifer) believes in Him she will not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn (Jennifer), but to save (Jennifer) through Him.

You can also try this method to help you pray for those who are away from the Lord...or even those you have a hard time "liking".  When we see others as God's creation... that He died for them... it's hard to not love them with the love of the Lord.

On a second note...

For  many years,  I have used and promoted the Evangel Cube in Children’s Ministries and yesterday received some exciting news in my email that now they have come out with a kid friendly version.   If you want to equip the kids you know with a neat witnessing tool, go to this site (Gospel Publishing House) to order yours.  They only run about $8!  They’re a great kid church reward for points or special gift for various occasions.  Check it out!  I love ‘em!   

*We purchased our Evangel Cubes at Family Christian Stores , but I don’t know if they are carrying this new version or not!


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