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Jennifer Jo Weiss

You Light Up My Life... or at Least My Street!

The frost was on the pumpkin this morning, or in our case, Peter's motorcycle seat.  He had to scrape the frost off before he could come home from the police station!  No one likes frosty buns!  The officers went back to their winter uniforms, too, so last week I had the privilege of sewing more Corporal stripes on Pete's sleeves.  All the while I was praying to add one more in a month or so... we can only hope that sergeant-hood will be a reality before too long!

Yesterday was also a crisp morning and we are all getting a taste of wintry weather!  I happen to love the cooler weather, the baked goods, the hot coffee; they are so GOOD, but not necessarily good for my waistline!   I am working hard to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and hopefully shed a few more pounds after that. 

The house is all busy this morning as the crews are out bright and early installing our new street lights.  They are a sleek, slender silver and I'm sure will add ambiance and security to our neighborhood.  For years, our street had been so dark.  At one time, all of the houses on the block had gas lit lamps out front.  I think ours is the only one that is still in operation on the entire street!  Other than that, there weren't many constant sources of light. 

Here's a couple of the road crew trucks as they moved down the street to the next light.

 Isn't it nice to know that our tax dollars benefit us once in awhile???  KC, you light up my ...well, street today!  We can't wait to see our street all lit up!  Of course, the boys all run to the front window when they hear a truck out front (recycling, bulk pickup, weekly trash, etc.)  They have had a great time this morning watching all the activity.  So far, they have placed what looks like the base in the ground.  They don't completely finish each light at one stop.  They do a step and then go on.  Then they come back and do the next step.  Who knows if they will finish today, but in the meantime, it's providing some free entertainment for the boys!

On a somewhat sad note this morning... the station wagon is GONE!  After several months of trying to get it up and running, my husband said, "Enough!", threw up his hands, and then decided to list it on Craig's List on Saturday.  We had three or four calls and an e-mail within hours and we ended up selling it about 2 hours after posting the ad.  We even ended up making a little profit!  Not bad.  We are going to be purchasing a second (used) van for the family here in a few weeks.  That will be just fine for a second vehicle and will fit 7 out of 8 Weiss' if something were to go wrong with the other van.    It's not a moment too soon either.  Gotta keep Pete from having frosty buns!

Take care, try to keep warm if you're in our part of the country.  Remember to pray for our neighbors to the west (California) battling wild fires and our southern neighboring states facing drought and severe weather.  See you later, friends!

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