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Jennifer Jo Weiss

A Face of America

We've been doing a lot of praying lately for America, the elections, etc.  My prayers the other night turned into praise when I began thinking about this country - literally the greatest country in the world.  To live here is a blessing and I never want to take it for granted.  Imagine waking up today in a third world country with no clean water, proper housing, food, or medical care.  Our day would seem so much different and would probably not even remotely resemble our normal daily routine.

By the way, that reminds me that we need to keep praying for those affected by Hurricane Ike!  Many are still without power, clean water, housing, etc.!!!

My kids study "Citizenship" and "Patriotism" in school.  I believe our school children across the nation should.  Very few do. Our American History is more than mere 'facts'- it's a way of life to be cherished and respected. 

An American is more than merely "one who is an American citizen".   In today's United States of America, we come from different backgrounds, ethnic groups, religions, races, and walks of life.   The "face" of America is diverse, yet we are all equal under the banner of freedom.  I pray it stays that way.  

I was thinking about what it meant to ME to be an American today because…  I am one of the many faces of America. If the family picture of all Americans was taken, I would be there (and so would thousands upon thousands like me)!


 I am an American:

I was born in America.

I am here legally.

My ancestors came from England and were here before George Washington was President.

I have (and still have) family who have fought in war to preserve our freedoms.

I value freedom, justice, and the American way of life.

I am a woman who can speak her mind and make her own choices...and I can vote!

I can write my feelings without fear of imprisonment.

I value life.  I believe a baby is a baby at conception.

I am a Christian who believes in the God of the Bible (the God the founding fathers worshipped).

I can still worship the God of the Bible without fear, but have to put up with the ridiculous notion that conservative Christians are ‘dangerous’ and ‘radical’.


I have values and morals.  I believe in telling the truth and doing unto others as I would have others do unto me.

I have a traditional, heterosexual marriage.


I believe in the 2nd amendment.

I have certain freedoms that (today) no one can take away.

I am able to pursue what makes me "happy".

I am thankful for freedom of the press and to be able to publish Christian books!


I have six children that may have to fight one day for freedom!


I have a right to believe what I believe.


What does being an American mean to you? 


Thank God for those things today and pray that some things will NEVER change!


Happy Birthday to my

Father-in-Law, Ben!

Looks like you're headed down ol' route 66!

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