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Late Night Report - 10:20pm EST

Mom is now resting and actually got some sleep earlier today, too, for which we are all grateful.   Dad and Sharon are home, hopefully resting, too, though I noticed her comment on the previous blog... and I thank her for clearing that up... BUT SIS... eat something and GO TO BED!!!!!   (You know I …

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Procedure Over - Post 1pm EST

The procedure went better today than yesterday's.  Mom's blood pressure was not so low and as far as we know they were able to give her what they needed to for her comfort, etc.   Dr. S found that the "bleeder" was the same one from yesterday.  It was said that it is an artery.  He did what he could…

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Hospital Update 10:30 EST

Sharon called and said that Mom had some bleeding again last night.  It was not discovered until this morning.  They got at the hospital and they were cleaning her up.  The amount didn't appear to be that much at first.

The surgeon (Dr. S) had already been by to see her and they had decided that t…

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Holding Steady

There haven't been any reports yet on Mom this morning, but it seems that she was more stable last night.  I am awaiting word from my sister and Dad on her condition.   As in times past, I know the Lord is telling us to all hold steady!

In the meantime, I woke up with this song on my heart and I th…

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Another Update - 2:45pm CST

(Sorry this was hard to read.  I've been cutting and pasting from messages I've written in order to save myself from typing too much.  This should be fixed now.)The doctor/surgeon in charge of Mom kept Sharon well informed and she felt confident in his abilities. He said that D…

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Procedure Being Performed - 11:30am EST

Mom is having the procedure done as we speak.  Sharon felt better after talking with the doctor... oh, and his name... Dr. Shidrach.  She and Dad laughed when they heard his name because it was so close to Shadrach.  I think God knows exactly where we are today.
Anyway, Dr. S told them th…

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Morning News About Mom- 7:30 CST

My brother-in-law called this morning to let me know that they just heard from a nurse at the hospital and Mom had some bleeding during the night.  Now (as we first suspected) the diagnosis of bleeding from the polyps being removed is being questioned.  We do not know how much she was bleeding, but …

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Late Update - 9pm CST

My sister and her husband arrived at the hospital a little after 4:30pm.   I talked with them  a little while ago.  They were in the room with Mom and I could hear Mom talking.  Next thing I knew -  my brother-in-law put the phone up to her ear and I was able to say "I love you".  She talked …

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Update on Mom- 5PM CST

Mom showed some improvement following her Pastor's (Pastor Chuck's) visit and prayer this morning-  along with all of ours, the various prayer chains, etc. 

Folks there is power in prayer and our footing is sure when we stand on the Word of God.  James 5 tells us to lay hands on the sick and they …

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Critical Prayer Request

My Mom is in CRITICAL condition in the hospital this morning and is need of prayer.   She is bleeding and they cannot stop it.  She has lost half of her blood and when they transfuse, it goes right out.  Her medications for her heart complicate matters, as she has been on blood thinners.  They canno…

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Techonology Used for Harvest

"I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest."John 4:35b (NIV)I caught a few minutes of the History channel last night where they were showing how advances in technology are increasing harvests.  A cotton farm in Southern California used satellite imager…

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WWJD - What WILL Jesus Do

What if Jesus were President or better yet... leader of the entire world?  It makes you really stop and think, doesn't it?  How would things change?   For starters, think about the things that effect your everyday life... say, like television.  What would be on TV?  Do you think there would be smutt…

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Declaring His Glory

Thanks to Pastor James for sharing this video!  His works declare His GLORY!!!!  Simply amazing!" Christ is the visible image of the invisible God.      He existed before anything was created and is supreme over all creation,  for through him God …

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What was Lost, Now is Found!

On the continuing saga of the lost doggy.... (In case you have no idea what I am talking about, scroll down through my previous posts!)Someone was very happy yesterday to have his little doggy back! We are rejoicing! Sure enough, the Lord led me right to the puppy and I didn't even have…

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Righteous Goals

Have you ever been in need of some jewelry for a special occasion?  What if the occasion was a wedding or an engagement dinner?  What kind of jewelry would you buy?  Would you seek out something of quality or would you take a quarter to the local grocery store and get a ring o…

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Are You Shaking?

As soon as I got to the computer this morning, I checked my e-mails and found an amazing note from my sister, who lives in Indiana.  Apparently during the early hours of the morning, they experienced an earthquake!  Here's briefly what she said about it:

"We had an earthquake that woke us up this m…

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Where, Oh, Where Has That Little Dog Gone?

Have you ever lost something and then drive yourself crazy trying to find it?  

Welcome to my present cause for insanity.

I have spent the past two days searching for Shad's favorite little stuffed doggy that looks like a miniature Winston (our family dog).  It's his favorite toy in the whole world…

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Give Me Jesus

Hello, is God there?As a sequel to yesterday's entry, today I caught Zeke with an old cell phone trying to call God!   I asked him what he would talk to God about if he actually got through.  He replied, "I dunno!"   Nonetheless, he kept trying to dial through.    Do…

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Jesus In My Heart

Here's Levi and Zeke today when I caught them on the slide!  I had to laugh at the little boys last night! They were busy playing after dinner with their good old doctor kit (the same one we've had since Titus was a little boy).  Zeke was lying on the couch and Levi was examining h…

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