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The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Once again, it's hunting season on Christianity and our core values!    Are you surprised?   I'm not! 

There is as new documentary film out (set soon to air on the Discovery Channel) called "The Lost Tomb of Jesus".   The air date is set for Sunday, March 4th at 9pm ET.   The film comes from e…

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JBQ Tournament

"The Force" was a force to be reckoned with during this weekend's tournament!Congratulations to our Division A Junior Bible Quiz Team who placed third overall during this weekend's invitational.  Pictured above are Titus (top left-our son), Michelle - Coach Extraordinaire, Nick (in the …

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The Wounds From a Friend

"Wounds from a friend are better than many kisses from an enemy."   Proverbs 27:6"The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense."  Proverbs 27:9I am sure that someone out there needs to hear this today.  I heard it in my Spirit very clearly this morning …

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You're Gonna Need Your Umbrella

At 2 am, I was awakened by such a loud clap of thunder that it shook the entire house.  Since then, it's been raining at a steady pace.  In fact flooding warnings are out for our area and may be for yours, too.   I heard two rivers of interest to me are overspilling their banks: the Ohio River and t…

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Choo Choo Wheels

Have you ever had choo choo wheels?  Well, that's what my parents called them growing up!  Here at our local grocery, they call them wagon wheels (maybe because we're in the Midwest???)    I don't think I've  had them since I was a kid living back in Ohio, but when I passed them in the store, I coul…

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The Inside of the Cup

In our family, we run a load of dishes in our dishwasher almost every day.  Usually the load is extremely full and sometimes that means that certain things don't get clean... especially the cups for some reason.  That makes my oldest son, Titus, very upset and paranoid when he goes…

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Financial Matters

Last night as I was getting ready for bed and praying, I was reminded by the Lord about a word He had given me almost 11 years ago.  The word was that He desired his children to not be bound by money and that in the time preceding His return, we would see an explosion of Christians attaining this co…

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This and That on Tuesday

I hope you had a good President's Day and remembered to pray for our nation's leaders and officials. 
Whether or not we agree with current policies, idealism, or personal beliefs, we are still required to pray for those in authority over us.  My prayer is that God's will may be accomplished in our …

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Do you remember the TV show "Fame"?  I used to watch it as a young girl, mainly because of my love for the performing arts and Debbie Allen.  She was IT!  I loved to watch her dance... she made it seem so effortless.  Yeah, the show was a bit strange, but entertaining.  The theme song said , "Fame! …

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One of the growing problems in the church today is apostasy.    What is apostasy?  It is a change in one's belief system to something that is short of the truth.  They are literally exchanging the Bible for a lie of the devil... and so many are flying into the web of deception unaware.

Several we…

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As in the Days of Noah

My prayer time this morning has been reflective and stirring.  I will try to share a bit of what the Lord was showing me this morning.   I will begin with the verse that has been resonating in my spirit since I awoke:

Jesus' own words recorded in Matthew 24:36-39
"No one knows about that day or hou…

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Opportunities to Do Good

Today when I woke up, I was thinking about the opportunities I've had over the past several weeks to "do good".  Although these situations come up all the time, I seem to be aware of them more for some reason, as if God is testing me.  I can recall over the past week 2 such incidents... one of which…

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Rainy Days and Mondays

Remember that Karen Carpenter song, "Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down..."    Well, I don't know about the "down" part, but today was sure a rainy Monday; and I'm not just talking about the weather!   It rained laundry here... it rained tests... it rained dishes!  LOL 

 Most of you will…

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"Expectant Prayers" Report for February

Many of you ask about my book sales from time to time.  My reports and subsequent royalties are distributed quarterly, so I only get a glimpse of what is happening four times a year.  The third quarter report was very small (which was my first quarter of sales), as I only had a few weeks of sales re…

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The Blessing

About 16 years ago when my husband and I were about to marry, my father in law gave me a book called "The Blessing" by Gary Smalley and John Trent.  It was a book that opened up a new revelation in the Spirit for me and I have been a huge advocate of blessings ever since.   Our entire family has tak…

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Prayers for the Metro

Today I am praying for cities and their citizens in the general KC metro area.  Two impacting stories have heightened my prayers:

Some of you who don't live in the KC area were asking about the chemical explosion in KC yesterday.  It was at CHEMCENTRAL CORPORATION off of I-35 and it happened around …

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Today's News

Yesterday was a comfortable sixty degrees here in KC.  Today is a different story with more snow expected this weekend.  It's hard to explain to kids why yesterday they could go out and play all afternoon without a coat- but NOT today.   At least they had a little reprieve from their cabin fever on …

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Spiritualism Without God

A few days ago, I caught parts of an afternoon talk show where the guest was speaking on the subject of "spiritual relationships".   The definition of such a relationship was described as "one that makes each person involved grow spiritually".  That was further explained as "life character" and "awa…

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Piano Moving

The Old PianoHave you ever sold furniture or a vehicle?  Believe me, it can be quite an adventure.  The past few weeks, we have been trying to sell an extra piano that we've had, as well as our huge diesel truck.   We placed some ads in the local classifieds and a friend of ou…

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The Passing of a Pet

This evening, our oldest son, Titus,  went to take our pet rabbit some fresh vegetables (like we always do around dinner time) and he had passed away.  Sniffer was HIS pet, and he's had him since he was 3 or 4.  Titus took it especially hard.  My husband was at work and he came home to bury Sniffer.…

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