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You'd Better Not Pout

What does the Christmas song say, "You'd better not pout, you'd better not cry..."?   Well, we finally caught Shad with his pouty face yesterday.  Moses took the photo with the phone camera because our digital one has enough delay that you can't quite catch him doing it.  He's…

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Lights Aglow

On Tuesday evening, we made our first trek of the Christmas Season to see the lights at "Christmas in the Park".   It's one of our favorite events that really puts you in the Christmas mood.   There's just something about all those lights in the darkness that seems so pretty- especially when there's…

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Shad Turns 13 Weeks

As promised, here are more Shadrach pictures as today he turns 13 weeks.  Tomorrow he is officially 3 months.  Time sure does fly.  Pete remarked yesterday how big Shad is!  Pete is really starting to enjoy him now because he responds to us, cooing and "talking".  He is also doing what Moses calls t…

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Aren't Kids Funny??

Don't you think kids do some of the cutest and funniest things you've ever seen?

Yesterday, Zeke, who hasn't felt very good the past few days, spent most of the day in his Spiderman night clothes coloring pictures on the living room rug.  He was working on race cars in his Hot Wheel's coloring book. …

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After the Holiday

Well, here it is... Monday morning after Thanksgiving.  It's hard to get back into the routine of things after having a break, don't you think???  I'm already running a little late on my schedule this morning. 

I hope all of you out there had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Ours was great... p…

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Field Trip

Yesterday we took our annual field trip up to Mound City to visit the Squaw Creek Wildlife Reserve.  It was a great day for a trip.  The weather cooperated and we had a wonderful time.

We always see something different when we go to the reserve.  Yesterday, we saw our first pelican, walked the eagl…

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Veteran's Day 2007

Thank you to all who have served and are currently serving to fight for this nation's freedom.  The sacrifice and dedication of one reaches us all.  May God bless you this Veteran's Day. 

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Ten Weeks Old

I can't believe it myself, but Shad is  now 10 weeks old!  Here he is with Daddy...

Shad had a first this week - playing with his Play Gym.  He especially likes Cookie Monster and looking at himself in the mirror!  He giggles when he sees himself.

(Above) Zeke Playing with Shad 

(Below) …

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Pole Raising

A few weeks ago, the city began installing new light poles on our street.  It's exciting because it will be a much needed improvement to our neighborhood.  We're looking forward to the added security and ambiance that additional light brings... and just in time for Daylight Savings Time when it gets…

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Royal Ranger Award Ceremony

On Sunday night, the boys at our church were honored for their accomplishments in Royal Rangers.  This year we have kids in three different groups; Ranger Kids, Discover Rangers, and Adventure Rangers.  We're proud of you Levi, Moses, and Titus!

A special congratulations to Titus who earned his Br…

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Common Grackles Come a Callin'

As much as we love birds, wildlife reserves, and visiting nature centers, we thought it was fitting the other day when migrating birds decided to descend on our home.  I guess they got the word out that we are a good stop on their way south!  Common Grackles can be found year round in Missouri, but …

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Pete's Van

Pete brought home his van this past Friday.  It wasn't a moment too soon as temperatures are expected to dip down drastically this week!  This van will serve as a secondary vehicle for our family and provide great transportation for Pete during the winter months when he can't ride his motorcycle. We…

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Nine Weeks Old and Growing

Shadrach has turned into Mr. Smiley over the past few weeks.  He started cooing and reaching toward things.  He's such a sweet little guy.  His routine at night couldn't be better.  He's now sleeping/feeding at larger intervals, which I am loving.  We all know how precious sleep can be to a new Momm…

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Raking Up Some Fun

Simple pleasures are not hard to find... in fact they are all over the ground!  After school yesterday, the kids decided there were enough fallen leaves to make a nice sized pile to play in.  It's one of those indulgences that only happens once a season, so you can't hardly say no when they grab a r…

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Up In the Air

I don't know why little kids get stuck on doing certain things and then they do them over and over and over and over... well, you get my point.   Lately, I can't seem to keep Zeke's feet on the ground.  On the upstairs couch, on the basement couch, on chairs; he isn't discriminatory!   Every time I …

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