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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Another Update - 2:45pm CST

(Sorry this was hard to read.  I've been cutting and pasting from messages I've written in order to save myself from typing too much.  This should be fixed now.)

The doctor/surgeon in charge of Mom kept Sharon well informed and she felt confident in his abilities. He said that Dr. T, the one who performed her colonoscopy a week ago, reported that one of the polyps was rather large and he had a hard time cauterizing it and closing it up.  That's the one he suspected as the "source" of the bleeding.  Sure enough when he got in there, there were 2 that needed work.  One was smaller and he simply squeezed down the clot and cauterized it.  The second was large.  There was a hole with a vein sticking up out of it squirting out blood!  He put a u-clamp on it and then closed it off.  He took pictures of the entire thing and brought out "before" and "after" shots to "prove" to my sister that it was taken care of!  

 The bad part was that they almost lost her at the end because her blood pressure was getting so low.  They ended up having to reverse the meds really quick and she felt part of the end of the procedure and is still in a lot of pain.  I don't know what they can give her because of the other issues with the low blood count and her heart.  I am praying for her.  I know before the procedure, she was asking Sharon to make sure she told the doctor that she didn't want to feel any pain.  I feel so bad for her.  


Mom is resting now and is very weak.  She'll be in the ICU for many, many days- we don't even know how long.  Sharon wants her to recover well enough to move to a private room so that she can rest.  She was dozing off as I was talking to Sharon, which is good.   They had brought Mom a tray of liquids and she was able to get a drink.  That was very good for her.  She had been so thirsty. 

We are praying that she will be able to sleep and get some energy back.  They are giving her more blood and some more frozen plasma.

Keep praying for her.  She seems to be in better condition than the news this morning, but she is still far from "well".   

Thanks for all your prayers.  I will update if there is any more news tonight.


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