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Jennifer Jo Weiss

As Promised... Birthday Pictures of Shad!

Shad's First Birthday!

What gets me is how many "looks" this little guy can have.  One of the problems is my camera .  It drives me nuts!!!!  How often have I said that before?  Well, anyway, it's true.  Digital cameras are great, but they can be "slow" when it comes to getting the perfect shot.  He was "talking" here and it makes him look a little funny.  The picture at the end bears the most likeness in my opinion.

Shad actually went to town opening his gifts.  We made it easy on him; most of the presents were in bags with a little bit of tissue paper.  He loved pulling it out and throwing it on the floor.

I WAS going to buy Shad a new pair of shoes, but lucky for me- I save a lot of clothes.   With five boys, it just makes sense.  I started digging around the retired shoes and found several pairs.  My oldest actually wore these!  That seems like eons ago, but the shoes still looked nice.  Shad hasn't worn shoes that often, so I brought down several pairs for him to try on.  By the time I got to these, I have to admit my jaw dropped a little.  They are size 6.5!  "Baby big-foot", as my mom would say.


He actually was "free walking" without any support by his 1st birthday, but old habits die hard.  He still likes to push around his "hippo".  I don't mind because it's the kind that eats up the toys off the floor! 
Ah, notice the "Birthday Boy" ribbon? 

Celeste was holding Shad so we could sing and cut his giant birthday brownie (which he loved by the way).  Here he is clapping and exclaiming  "yea".

Okay, here's my cutie pie.  I just adore bib overalls on my boys and Shad is not an exception!  We had to dig out the warm clothes because it's been chilly this week.  The past two days, the temperature only rose to the mid 50's.  Today I think it may have reached 70.  Grandma in Ohio says it's been HOT there.  Who would have thought the Midwest would be cooler than the Northeast????

Have a great weekend !!!!

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