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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Change Your Perspective

This morning was a lazy morning.  It was raining and I stayed in bed later than I should have.  The distant thunder and the patter of rain on the window pain seemed to whisper "Don't get up... don't get up..."    When I finally crawled out of bed, I had barely meandered out to the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee when the electricity went out!  It was off nearly an hour.  I enjoyed it, however, because it really kept things at a slow pace and simple.    I think I must have needed a no-stress morning.  I am still adjusting from the trip, getting things ready for next week, planning for a huge ceremony for tomorrow night's church service, and had a busy day yesterday celebrating our oldest son's 13th birthday.   Nothing like being thrown back into the current when you've been out of the water for awhile.

Not having electricity this morning set my mind to thinking about the Amish communities that we encountered during our trip to Ohio.  How simple life is for them!  Not being strapped to modern conveniences/social standards that we come to take for granted does bring a new perspective to life.   Of course, most people would argue that they are pacifists (among other things) and I am not saying that everything the community holds to is wonderful, but you have to admire how they are able to maintain households, educate children, build structures, and roam to and fro without the aid of outside sources.  They can still maintain crops and bring in a harvest; looking to God for sustenance.   I realize how dependent we are on "things" rather than God.     How 'advanced' are we when we continually place our idols before God in our lives?    We may have computers, education/degrees, cars, comfortable homes and amenities... but how do our hearts really stand before Him?  If our computers, electricity, cars, homes, amenities, wardrobes, nail salons, coffee houses, malls, etc.  suddenly ceased to exist... what would be left of us?  Are we defined by our "things", accomplishments, friendships... or has God defined us through the power of His Spirit and His Word?

The verse on my heart today has been:  "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles..."  Isaiah 40:31a

When we were home, there were a lot of buzzards flying high in the sky over my hometown.  One of my Uncles was over visiting when we caught a glimpse of some catching the thermals and floating on them several miles up.  He said there were tons of them around lately... and we continued to see them in the sky during our drive back through northern Ohio.   We counted about twenty of them soaring that day.

Have you ever wondered why this verse is so important?  What does waiting on the Lord have to do with our perspective?  Eagles and other birds of prey (such as the buzzard) must have a higher perspective of the land in order to find a "catch".     Sometimes what they find is no bigger than a mouse in a field, yet from a higher perspective... it is easier to see.

When we get "stuck" in life and don't know which way to go... the Word today is:  CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE!   Many times we don't realize the key is simply... waiting upon God.   Many of us are not very patient and it's a continual lesson the Lord tries to teach us in life.  We don't like waiting.  Our tendency is to "go".  Sitting still is hard.  We want things to change with circumstances, relationships, finances... but we do not have patience.    Having patience can be likened to the birds we saw soaring on the thermals.  Trying to fly against the wind current and doing your own thing is not as easy as waiting in the thermal.  You deplete your energy and lose your strength/endurance.   Likewise, we are to be sensitive to the winds of the Spirit; allowing Him to move us along.  When we have "mounted up with wings as eagles" our perspective will then change.  We need to pray for God's perspective on our situations and look for His leading to "find" whatever it is He is bringing into our path.

My challenge for you today is to do something this weekend in  the physical so that you can change your perspective in the spiritual.     I really believe God is trying to show us something about ourselves and His character/nature.    Sometimes simply getting away from our "every day" norm (like my examples of the Amish and the buzzards)  really has a way of changing our perspective.  I challenge all of us to go somewhere (like a nature spot).  Spend an hour or so there...away from computers, cell phones, and other distractions.  Pick a serene spot.  I like to go to the woods and walk.  One of my friends likes going to the mountains.  Take your Bible if you want, but get still before God and wait before Him.  Allow Him to speak to you!   If you can't get away this weekend, perhaps plan for a way to get away as soon as you can.  You'll be glad you did!

More photos from vacation:

(Above)  The kids at the park on the play "truck"
(Below) Posing for the camera

Shad had to get a booster seat while we were at Grandma and Grandpas in lieu of a high chair.  He had a lot of fun IN the box and trying to use it as a walker.  He pushed it around to keep his balance!

One of the kids dropped a fork through the boards of the front porch while eating left over birthday cake.  I found a hoe in Dad's garage and tried to fish it out.  Pete thought it was hilarious...

He loved this one.  The stick was so long he said this shot looked 3-D.
Yes, I retrieved the fork!!!!!

The rocket down by the pavilions, where the kids HAVE to go every time we visit.

Blast off!

The kids boarded a caboose down by the local depot.  Zeke is the one who is just nuts over trains.  Grandpa gave him a little toy train to take home.  He made sure all the kids left with a little "gift".

Zeke begged us to let him walk on the railroad tracks while we were visiting.  I guess that seems like great fun to a little kid!  Here is a spot by the caboose, but most of the track is not really track at all.  That didn't seem to bother Zeke!  He was having a great time.

Grandpa had this medallion on (as a joke), which he ended up giving to Moses as a "gift".  When Grandpa put it on, Zeke stared at him like he was bothered or something.  He said, "Grandpa... you have a gold gangster necklace!"   Yeah, kids who live in the city think a little differently!  It's not uncommon for our junk machines at the local grocery store to have "blingage" (like big necklaces).  Moses likes that kind of thing and has been wearing the medallion around. 

Have a great weekend!

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