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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Day 4 of Babymoon!

Recap of Day 3:  Well, I have to admit that yesterday wasn't the do-nothing-relax-all-day kind of event that I had imagined!   I decided to work on getting some things done for my daughter's Honor Star Crowning.  I got more done than I thought I would...and completed most of my tasks before lunch!    I finished her announcements,  made all the candy stars for her cake, put together the promotional fliers for church, and worked on the cake topper.  The candy was the most time consuming because I only bought one tray.  I always do that!  I try to save money, but then promise myself that the next time I make candy I'll get more trays!  LOL  Sometimes time is money! 
Overall, I think Celeste will be more than pleased when she returns home tomorrow and sees everything!

We took the little boys to McDonald's for lunch.  They've begged us for days to go there. 
Afterward, we met a friend who is looking to buy and house.  He thinks he found one that would be perfect, so we went to see it with him.  I think he's right- it would be great for him and his wife.  If you knew the story behind the "find", I think you would agree that the Lord divinely sent them to this house!  It's so cool.  I talked to the seller for a long time...they are Christians, too.  They've been praying for the right buyers to come along!  She lives close to the house they were looking at and we had a good time of fellowship talking about the Lord, etc.    I kept thinking how awesome it would be for our friends to have such great Christian neighbors.   They could stand the positive change from their "not so nice" apartment neighbors!
The wife works at a local daycare and was working yesterday (that's why she wasn't at the showing), but she was part of our afternoon activities.

Our friend (the wife) works at a local day care.   A few weeks ago, some one donated a rabbit to the day care for the kids to enjoy.  She called several weeks ago (right after our rabbit hutch went to bulk trash) and wanted the cage.  Luckily, we saved the kennel part of the cage and it would only be a matter of making the base (of which we kept most of the wood), the shingled roof, and the hutch.  Pete agreed to re-do the cage and hutch for nothing except cost of materials.  So, last night (within about a 2 hour span), Pete put it all together again.  The best part was that Home Depot GAVE us a piece of plywood for nothing, which kept all the materials under $20.  I don't know if you know anything about cages and hutches, but this size and quality would easily cost about $150 if you were having one made or decided to go and buy one!  So, once again, the Lord has provided in a big way and through it is going to bless!

The evening was busy with dinner and I went to church for about 45 minutes.  Almost all the kids were at camp, so I didn't have a Wednesday night class to teach.  I went to put together my lessons for  next month and then came home.  I finished up with what I could with the cake topper.  It needs more done, but I won't be able to get the rest of it finished until after Celeste comes home.

Today...well, we haven't quite figured out what we're doing exactly.  We had some things we wanted to do, but Zeke woke up not feeling too well.  I need to give him some medicine in a few minutes when he eats breakfast and then we'll re-evaluate.  One thing is for sure...we're delivering the rabbit cage and hutch to the local day care!

I can't believe how this week has flown by.  The older kids will return mid afternoon tomorrow!  I do feel like this week has been low key and that I've spent more time with my husband this week than I have in 6 months!  I feel blessed that the Lord allowed this time for us.

Have  a fabulous day!  We'll see you tomorrow!

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