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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Family Update

In case you've been following my blogs and wonder if I ever got all the kids clothes gone through, the answer is,  'Yes".  We finished with the clothes last Saturday!   It sure is a good feeling to have all of that finished.  Having the stored clothes boxed up in clear containers and labeled sure does help, too.  Now when I need to find something it won't take so long.  Whew.  Glad that's over.

I will be working toward purchasing items now.  As we go through the clothes, I make a list of things the kids are going to be needing.  Naturally it is our daughter that needs the most because she is the only girl, which means no hand me downs from older siblings.   I don't think she minds having to get things, though!

The first items we just had to purchase were new shoes for Levi and Zeke.  They ended up wanting the same style of shoes (Spiderman shoes with Velcro and they light up) at Target. 

Today, if I can get to it, we plan on hitting some of our favorite thrift stores to see what we can find.

To go along with my cleaning frenzy, I added several things to clean out on my list including shredding a bunch of stuff I had saved for tax purposes (we're talking several years worth).  I still have desks to clean out and I want to go through my kitchen cabinets again.  Really, I would like to add some new glasses and plates, which means I'm going to probably be getting rid of some of the old stuff.  I think a spring garage sale will put the final touches on my "cleaning".  That's a great way to keep busy during the winter, though.   I think I'll start gathering my sale items on one half of the attic and even start pricing things (well, maybe).

Outside of cleaning, there really hasn't been much new over the past week.  Let me think....Oh, we're getting closer to having the money we need to buy Pete's van now.  He's really excited about that.

Oh, and duh, I had my 2 hour (postpartum) glucose tolerance test to see if things have gone back to normal with that.   I didn't hear the results on Friday, so I will this next week.

Well, that's all the updates for now, friends.  Hope you had a productive week and for some of you (like my sister) perhaps some rest!    Talk with you again soon!  

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