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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Happy July 4th Weekend!

It's hard to believe the 4th is near, but it is.  Many of us will be enjoying fireworks displays this weekend... that is if it isn't raining.  This morning I awoke to rain...and lots of it.  I'm not worried about the festivities, but I was concerned for my little 5 yr. old who was supposed to have his first Ranger outing today!!!  It's only a day camp, but it's outside with tons of activities planned.   There are flood warnings all over our county and in surrounding counties.  Instead of going ahead with the plans, the coordinators have rescheduled in a few weeks.  Thank goodness!

Levi's really into being a "big boy" and has talked for days about his "camp".  The older kids will be going to a week long camp in a few weeks and now he feels like there's something for him to do, too.  His will be close to theirs now.
I saw him hug his little brother last night and say, "I'm going to miss you!", as if he's going to be gone a long, long time, but I guess in a toddler's mind a day IS a long time!

On another note, please pray for me this coming week as I schedule and attend my gestational diabetes classes.  Yesterday I spent several hours on the phone trying to work with offices, specialists, and of course the insurance (which is a big pain).  I didn't get anywhere so that means more work for me on Monday.  I am praying the Lord will make the way clear and that I won't run into any more difficulties!

Hope you have a nice weekend.  Maybe it's not raining where you are?????     Blessings!

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