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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Heavenly Creations & The World of Zeke

Do you enjoy artwork?  Are you looking for some tasteful pieces to enhance your home, business, or church?  My longtime friend, Laura Howard, has launched a new business selling her photography online and in shops in North Carolina (where she is based).  Most of her photographs were taken in her native region of North Carolina, including the Outer Banks, Blue Ridge Parkway, etc.  She primarily does nature; flowers, trees, landscapes, and insects, but has also included in her portfolio:  covered bridges and lighthouses as well as some other historical landmarks.  If you would like to check out her work, please visit her website at:

Her works come in a variety of sizes and options.  Her site offers an easy to use "click to buy" feature. 

On the home front:  Zeke got his stitches out yesterday!  Dr. P let us save them and we brought them home and put them in his journal.   He is very excited to be able to swim today... and for the first day in weeks, rain is NOT in the forecast!   It did rain yesterday, however, which Celeste, Zeke, and I got caught in.  I went to Hobby Lobby after his doctor visit to pick up some more pages and items for the baby's scrapbook.  We thought we had time to run across the street to Baby's R Us, but we didn't.    We didn't even end up buying anything there and by the time we decided to leave it was raining torrential sheets of rain.  I decided to go and get the van, which was parked closer than normal in a "For Expectant Moms" parking space, but of course, I can't run very fast.  I waddled through the puddles like an over-sized duck.  Zeke and Celeste stood inside the entry way waiting for me.  I got soaked from head to toe!  When I pulled up Celeste and Zeke jumped into the front seat.  He took one look at me and said, "Mom, you got a free car wash!"   I think he meant that I got a free "shower".  LOL  He's been using that phrase a lot since Sunday. His second hour teacher, Mrs. Pat, noticed the downpour outside during service and commented that "all the cars were getting a free car wash".  He's been parroting her ever since.

Zeke has a way of saying things that just makes you laugh...hard.  Last week at the Aldi store, an older couple came out in the back and we had the side door open in the van, which was the same side the couple had parked on.    Apparently, the woman ripped a big stinker, which a lot of older people are known for doing.  I guess they think that if they can't hear it, we can't either.  Almost before I knew what was happening, Zeke was yelling out the side of the van, "Gimme a break, man.  Don't fume us with your obnoxious gas!"   (I think he meant noxious gas)  I bit my lip and looked at Titus. All the other kids in the van burst out laughing...loudly!   Thankfully, the couple didn't say anything... they simply got in their car and drove off.  I am praying that we don't run into them again any time soon.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that one of our friends gave the boys a Play Station complete with 21 games.  Moses is the one he likes to give things to... so guess whose room it's in????  He came on Tuesday night to give us the game and Moses has been playing hours on end since then!  We had bought a different Play Station at the church garage sale a week or so ago for Moses so now he is in video game heaven.  Perhaps today he'll leave his lair long enough to swim and enjoy the one day it hasn't rained!

Well, I guess it's time to open up the pool for the day... Zeke and Celeste just got their swim suits on.

Have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!

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