Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss


I've known some people in my lifetime that love ketchup so much that they put it on everything... from eggs to spaghetti.  And if there's a favored condiment that kids seem to love it's probably ketchup... but then they hate the tomatoes!  Why is that?

And why does it seem that an action so closely named to the favored food is also hated?  Catch-up day!  Today was such a day here at the Big Weiss House as we worked toward getting back on track following several weeks of illness.  Some of the kids still aren't feeling well, but good 'ol Mom was there to "crack the whip" (even though I felt the worst today).  They weren't behind on seat-work as much as a few tests.  But when you don't feel good, anything you have to do seems daunting. 
The complaints were endless and the whining at an all time high...and that was just ME.  But nonetheless, we will be all caught up after tomorrow.  What a nice feeling.  Maybe catch-up does make things better.

And, if any of you out there are needing some "ketchup (catch-up)" in your life today,  may God grant you favor to see it through....and also maybe a plate of fries to go with that.  MMMMMM!

Blessings to you and we'll see you again tomorrow!

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