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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Love Those M&M's!!!!!!!

Yesterday was rainy, so I took the opportunity to stay inside and get some planning done for the next month.  I quickly found out that I am way more busy than I thought I was going to be just weeks before delivery!!  Poor planning or am I simply just a little nuts???  Well, I think you have to be a little unusual to have a family like ours anyway... so who knows.   I started marking thing on the calendar with a frenzy and set my mind to getting certain things done ASAP!  For example, before baby comes we have school projects/grades that will be due, 4 birthdays- and cakes to bake, Merit Camp, a Day Camp for Levi, a belly mold to make, Celeste's Honor Star Crowning (for which I am also making the cake and things to go on the cake), an evening where I am ministering.... the list goes on and on!!!

By the way- when it comes to birthdays, here in the Big Weiss Family, all 6 of the kids' birthdays fall within 6 weeks of each other!  That's the way we planned it.   People think that's strange, but it's so great to have everyone's B-days so close together.  We do a together B-Day Celebration in June.  I make a Giant Cookie(pizza size) and then make countdown charts for everyone.  The charts are a family tradition.  Every day the kids get to mark off a day until their birthday.   Since they all fall in the summer, we then have 6 more months to plan for Christmas.  Not a bad deal.   
On a funny note, Zeke, whose birthday falls first (next week), was sick of marking off his days yesterday and just wanted his birthday to get here, so he marked off ALL the days.  It was so funny.  Here's a picture of the pantry where we keep the keepsakes.  Even Shadrach has a countdown to his "birth-day".

Countdown Charts on the Pantry

Birthday Cookie 2007

One thing I was able to finish was Celeste's Power Point Presentation for her Honor Star Crowning.  I thought it was so good by the time I was finished- not because what I did was so good, but because it was a great visual keepsake for my one and only daughter.    I found myself sitting there crying while I was watching it.  It reminded me of my Mom who couldn't hold back the tears any time I did something noteworthy.   Great, I've turned into MOM!! 
I am very proud of Celeste and it's amazing to sit there and absorb how much she has grown over the past 10 years.  Here's a sneak peak of her in her dress that I took the other night while Grandma Weiss was pinning it for alterations...

Celeste Getting Alterations

Along with the Power Point, I decided to finally check on getting some personalized M&M's made for her ceremony.  She loved the idea, but we'll have to wait about a week to order... they are pricey!  While we were on the website, we couldn't resist (as Titus would say) making all of us into M&M's.  You've probably seen the commercial!  So, away we went.  

Who doesn't love M&M's?    Wanna try it?  Go to!

Have a blessed day! 

PS- Thanks to all of you who tried the click on comments yesterday... I think there were nearly 50 of you who did.    I appreciate it.

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