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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Over _______ People Served!

"...just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve"  Matthew 20:28a


I am old enough to remember the old McDonald's signs that had the little guy on them and one arch instead of the two "M" shaped French-fries.    They were 'old' back when I was little, but a few stores kept them around for nostalgia purposes.

I'm not sure why or how it started, but someone thought it would be a good idea to keep track of how many burgers were sold. I remember seeing the 'numbers' as a little kid on the old signs.  It always made me laugh.   Depending on where you live, there are still McDonald's signs that read "billions and billions served".
It seems a bit ridiculous now with "golden arches" gracing nearly every city block.  Do we have any doubt that these burgers sell?   They are are plentiful as dandelions in the spring!  Even traveling to foreign countries (China, Japan, UK) you can still have this fine American cuisine!

So, my question is... how many people did they have to serve before they decided to put it on a sign?  What number made them feel like they were really getting somewhere?

What if our lives were like that sign?  Every time we served someone, it added a number.  What would our sign look like?  Would we feel a sense of accomplishment or embarrassment?  Does it really matter what the number would be?

The truth of the matter is we all have to start somewhere.  McDonald's started with one person and so do we.  If the truth be told, if we live our lives and touch just one person- that one life would still have purpose, meaning and "fruit" resulting in more service.  Perhaps as the Word tells us, when we show ourselves faithful in the little things, He will also trust us with BIG things?

Numbers don't necessarily reflect "success" or "customer satisfaction" either.  When we serve others, quality is just as important as quantity.

God is keeping a record of what we do for Him and will reward everything that you do; whether it's advertised or done in secret.   God can take what we have, like the little boy's lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fish and multiply it beyond what we can ever imagine.  One person can make a big difference, just look at Mr. McDonald.   All we have to do is be willing to serve!

Let's pray today that we would follow in Jesus' footsteps and be people who serve.

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