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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Prayer Requests

Normally I do not post anything on Sunday, but I had a couple of pressing prayer requests today.

First of all, my oldest nephew was rushed to nearby hospital for severe stomach pain yesterday afternoon.  After initial tests were run including a urinalysis, it was discovered that he has Juvenile Diabetes.  He was transported and admitted to a Children's Hospital in Indy late yesterday.   

When he was admitted, his blood sugar count was at or near 550.  It's coming down now (in the 300 range at last check), but he still needs our prayers.  His sugars need regulated and we're asking the Lord to undertake the situation.  We are praying for them today as he and the family (namely my sister) will begin the education process about the disease, diet, how to use his meter, insulin injections, etc.   All the news and stuff to learn is a bit overwhelming.    Beyond the "now" we are realizing that this is something that is going to effect the rest of his life.   I know the Lord can completely heal him and we're asking for God's will!   

On my own home front, we just got over the flu and now several of us are under the weather again.  We had a call from Ottawa on Tuesday that Grandma was not doing well and that we'd better come and see her.  She had been sick (as well as some of the nurses).  Last weekend she was so bad that it looked like death was imminent, but her situation has somewhat improved.  Anyhow,  I believe we picked up our current junk while we were down there.  Our immune systems didn't have a chance to recoup before we were exposed.  The past few days have been rough.

We had to take Shad to urgent care yesterday morning where he was diagnosed with pneumonia.   I thought we were going to have our own hospital experience yesterday, but thankfully he was old enough to not  require hospitalization.   Right now he's on a round of antibiotics and this morning we've seen a turn for the better.  We are home bound and getting well - by the grace of God.  We would appreciate your prayers today.

Finally, as I mentioned... Grandma.  Hospice has her under their care currently and we all know that she does not have long to live.  Whether that means one hour, one day, or several months - we are not certain.  Almost every time the phone rings we wonder if it will be "the call".  What I do know is that she is ready to go home and be with the Lord. A month ago, she was talking to me about her death and then confided that she had been having "talks with Jesus".  She said, "He'd be taking her home soon."   She told us she has had a full, long life.   When she saw Shad on Tuesday, she asked (in her limited way) if he would remember her.  She does not want us to forget her!  We won't.  I pray for the family, too.   Life without the ones we love is not something we relish, but we are confident that she will be in a far better place and that one day we will see her again.

There are several issues with her declining heath that have adversely affected her quality of life.  We are praying that she will not suffer and that God's grace and mercy will be extended to her as she passes from this life to the next. 

Thanks for agreeing with us in prayer today.  Blessings!

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