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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Quick Update - 3:20 EST

Mom got moved into her private room this morning around 11pm.  She didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night because she kept thinking that they were going to move her bed!  Thankfully, the room she is in now is nice and comfy - so we think Mom will get some rest.

My brother-in-law said that Mom received my cards, etc.  and that she was kinda weepy today.  She kept looking at the cards.  I am so glad that they are there for her!  Several were funny - some were serious.  I know Moses wrote some very nice things in her card- he's always thoughtful and compassionate.  I guess God makes all of us different and we're all used differently in the body of Christ. 

***** (I'm going to try to call Mom here)*****

Well, I just talked with Mom a little bit.  She sounds a little stronger in her voice, but she says she is still very weak.  Her room is nice and she is getting a lot of sleep there.  Mom said she was glad that Sharon and Dad were able to go home and get some rest.
She still has that cough that started almost a month ago now and I wouldn't let her talk too long because it started up and she sounded a bit "winded".  I can't figure out why she still has that cough!  That's something we need to pray about.
 She enjoyed the cards and stuff and said that they brought her a hamburger today for lunch, but it didn't look or taste good.  Sharon went and got her some V-8 Splash instead.  She's working on that now.  I talked to her for about 10 minutes and then her doctors came in so she asked me to call her back in a little while. 

Well, that's all the updates for now.  I am surrounded by sermon notes as we speak and I am making progress, although I have changed directions more times than a lost student driver!

Keep praying for Mom's full recovery.  Thanks, and blessings to you....

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