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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Random Thoughts - We're Back From the Hoosier State

Our Memorial Day trip to visit my sister's family ended yesterday.  What a trip it was!  We had so much fun and I think the kids laughed non-stop while we were there.  My kids enjoyed playing with their cousins (especially the wii) and even the dog-cousins seemed to enjoy one another.  Aunt Sharon loved the baby and the baby loved Aunt Sharon.  We talked a lot and ate a lot- a successful visit in my book.  The best part is... I actually felt like it was relaxing.  How many times do you go on vacation and then come home to need a "vacation from your vacation". 

One adventure on the way there... the water pump went out on our van about 20 minutes away from my sister's house!  Pete had to replace it while we were there.  Luckily, Sharon had enough cars around that we could get to dinner on Sunday afternoon. 

While on the trip, I got to read the latest Joel Rosenberg novel, "Dead Heat".  I thought it was very thought provoking and scary in the sense that the events seem more than plausible!  Let's hope that it doesn't come true.  There's enough "truth" in the form of prophecies that you could easily see how his fictional scenarios could unfold in real life.  Very compelling!   There is no doubt in my mind that the hands of the prophetic clock are ticking closer and closer to the midnight hour!  We must be ready and watch for the Lord's return.   The signs are everywhere.

The only other random thought I have about the trip is that the gas prices were crazy!  A trip that would have cost us about $150 in gas last year cost us over $300!  It seems that the further east we traveled, the higher the prices got.  We were glad to come back to the middle of the country and have lower prices.
I hear tell that the prices over the summer could reach closer to $10 in some places.  My question is, how are people going to be able to afford to eat or travel to work if that's the case?  Some folks I know commute 45+ minutes to work.  Not very cost effective, is it??? 

(My sister blogged about the gas prices a few days ago and had some good comments on her site.  If interested go to:

I am reminded of David Wilkerson's little book that talked about visions he had about the end times. The rise of gas prices, the economy... he also saw NYC engulfed in fire.  Reading the Rosenberg book sure makes you think about the "fires" Wilkerson envisioned! 

I talked to my mother a few times while we were on our trip and then again yesterday.  She continued to have some problems (such as a bleeding sore from her leg a few days ago that didn't want to seem to quit thanks to the coumadin she's been on).  Her doctor seemed to think she was "fine" however.  He (the doctor) seems to be dismissing her - perhaps because he feels guilty about the goofs he's made repeatedly?  I don't know.  Dad likes this particular doctor and will probably continue to see him, but as for Mom, we think it's time for her to find a specialist that is on top of her condition.  We're praying for the Lord to give her direction in this area and wisdom.  She doesn't want to see the doctor "disciplined", but she does want and deserve the best of care.  Routine, uncomplicated visits seem to be this doctor's forte - which might work well for some patients, but Mom has several complex issues going on that need to be considered every time she's seen.   Her cardiologist is superb and now we want an internist that will be just as diligent about her care.  That sure would help matters tremendously.

Anyway, my random thoughts are going adrift and I need to get back to working around the house.  We have several projects going on today and lots more to get done.

Have a blessed day and I'll hopefully see you again tomorrow.

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