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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Roller Coaster of News

Fasten your seat belt ladies and gentlemen and get ready to ride my news roller coaster today.  I have a lot going through my head and I'm not quite sure how my entry will twist and turn....there's a story around every corner....

Ah, the moody days of pregnancy are upon me.  I don't know what it was about yesterday, but I was so emotional!  I started the day off tired (yeah, I need to learn how to slow it down on Monday's) and my demeanor was up and down.   Yes, like a roller coaster.  I'm sure tiredness had a lot to do with it as well as hormones.  Hormones are a funny thing, aren't they?    Even trying to get dinner fixed yesterday was a source of tears.    Imagine sitting there crying over the yellow squash.  I don't know why. 

And what's with the pregnancy brain?  It happens to me every time.  I struggle for words and can't seem to verbalize simple things at times.  I remember when I was pregnant with Titus and there was something about a bus that I was trying to tell my husband.  I couldn't think of the word so I said in frustration, "You know those big yellow things that carry kids to school!"    You think I'm joking???  Well, I'm not.  The further along I get in my pregnancy, the worse it gets.  I am thankful that I decided to put off some writing projects until after the baby comes.  I guess all wisdom hasn't left me.

That reminded me of the research statistic that I've heard for years (first published in 1997's New Science Magazine) that says that the brain of a pregnant woman shrinks up to 1/3 during gestation.   The research followed the women through six months postpartum and found that it took that long for the brain to regain it's normal size.  Wow.  That really makes you wonder if the shrinkage attributes at all to the cognitive powers of mothers!   OK- that will be my excuse.  Really, I am sure that my lack of focus has everything to do with being pregnant.

On another brain function issue- have you heard of new research indicating that the eldest child in a family is said to score 2.3 points higher on IQ tests?   I have often said that eldest children have the most time with parents and are opened up to more educational stimuli than subsequent children.  That would make them excel more.  I think the point here, folks, is to try to focus on the time we have with all of our children and make extra effort to communicate and teach each child that we are blessed to raise... whether it be the first of the 17th (like the family in Arkansas).   

On that note, I heard the Arkansas mother, Michelle, is due to give birth in July to their 17th child.  You think I have a big family, well, that family is enormous!

I have also recently started having Braxton Hicks contractions.  Funny, doesn't my body know that we have to have a C-Section???  They haven't been too painful, but I have noticed that it sets other muscles to contract and cramp as well...especially in my legs and feet.   Hey, maybe I don't have as long to go as I think???

BTW- did you know that 1/3 of all births in the US are by C-Section... that's roughly one million C-Sections a year.  That number is up 40% from ten years ago.  That seems a little high to me.  What is the cause for this... I think it's money.  Rising health care costs and law suits are probably at the heart of it all.  I am a mother who has had vaginal births, C-Sections, and VBAC's and I am very thankful for the VBACS I was able to have.  I much prefer nature's way to having my stomach cut open.  As you can tell, I'm not much looking forward to it this time, either.

I have a doctor visit on Friday, which I am looking forward to.   I will blog about that  Friday afternoon.  I am waiting to hear 2 key pieces of news from my doctor:   results from my blood screen and hospital news (concerning which hospital I am to deliver at).    I'll explain more about that later.

Meanwhile, I was tickled to hear that one of my favorite TV personalities, Nancy Grace, is expecting twins in January.  I just love her!  I guess she was married in April...she revealed her news and recent wedding photos during last night's broadcast.   She's in her 40's, too.  Hey singles out there... don't get discouraged.  You never know what God has planned for you.  Many blessings upon her, her new little ones, and brand new family.

OK- I'll stop the roller coaster now.  I'm making myself dizzy as I fly from thought to thought at neck breaking speed.

Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting, friend. 

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