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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Saturday Surprises

My Saturday Surprises began with finding out I am able to upload pictures again!!  YEAH! So...


The Little Blue Car

For those keeping track of my journal, here is a picture of the little blue car.  For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, this is the car our youngest son, Zeke, purchased for my husband for one dollar!   It's in the garage and still under repair.    My husband is working on it as we speak.  He wants to be able to say it is running well by the time we see my Dad this next week.  I have been doing my part... mainly PRAYING!  


Yesterday when I went out to check the mail, my attention was drawn to the maple tree in our front yard.  There were two squirrels playing around and then they got close to a hole in the knot of the tree.  Then I saw something...a little feathery head popped out of the hole.  Yes, there was an owl there!  The squirrels were up to no good and kept pestering him while he was taking a nap!

We have had owls frequent our front tree for a few years now.  We don't usually notice them until all the leaves are gone.  I grabbed the camera, but I don't have that powerful of zoom so I went outside and got as close as I could.  He was watching me the entire time.  I know birds are territorial, but I don't know if this is the same owl or not.  We all thought he looked a little different from the owl we used to see.  But, who  Who WHO can tell for sure (sorry, I just had to "whoo" at you)!   Here are a few pictures for you to decide:


                   Owl in the Tree - Can you spot him?

Now this is the owl that lived in a different hole in the other side of the SAME tree:

                                                 Owl - Photo Taken by Ben Weiss


Are there any owl experts out there?  The current owl has a more golden tone to it's feathers, slanted eyes, and a different beak.  I would say it looks more like a barn owl or screech owl.  The one above is more gray with brown accents.  His eyes were bigger when they were opened and his beak was a little larger.  Maybe a great horned owl?  If anyone knows... please comment.

And here's a shout out to my sister who has company arriving today for the Thanksgiving Holiday!!!  I think it's a day early, so they are scrambling to get the house picked up!       Are you ready for 7 more on Thanksgiving????  


The Lord bless you and keep you today, friend!  Have a great weekend!!




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